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76 Company, formerly known as Union 76, is a popular American chain of gas stations. Customers instantly recognize the brand by its orange circle and blue numbers. 76 gas stations are a reliable brand since the 1930s, and because of their commitment to quality, they have remained a solid contender in the oil and gas market. The company has gone through several changes from its beginning and now operates with Phillips 66 and Conoco.

History of 76 Company

Originally the 76 gas chain was the Union gas station, and the number 76 referred to both the octane rating of the gas 76 and the American year of independence, 1776. Now, all of the gas is higher octane, i.e., 87 or higher. Unocal, which is also known as Union Oil Company, started from the Union 76 brand. The 76 gas station brand has gone through many ownership changes since its start in 1932.

Numerous 76 locations used to have a 76 ball revolving when the signs lit up. It was in 1962 that their first sign was designed for the Seattle World's Fair. In 1965, Union 76 brand started to expand to the Midwest and Southeast through the acquisition of the Pure Oil Company. 

By 1989, Unocal formed a joint venture known as Uno-Ven, in which it contributed the marketing assets and Mideast refining.

Unocal sold the remaining operations in 1997 and the Union 76 rights for the refining and selling services to Tosco Corporation. Tosco was acquired by Phillips Petroleum Company four years later, along with the 76 brand. ConocoPhillips divested the business in 2012, forming the Phillips 66 Company. In 2016, a deal was signed by Motive Enterprises with Phillips 66 giving rights to Motiva brand to use some stations in the Gulf coast states.

Key Facts

The company name 76 is not very well explained, and several theories describe the word stemming from the US Independence in 1776. Many marketing campaigns refer to the 'spirit of 76' to the country's founders' liberty and independent spirit. 

The best part about 76 is that the buyer is aware of the type of fuel used in the top tier because even their unleaded fuel is high-quality. The difference in cost that the consumers receive is minimal since the savings in automotive repairs are offset by gasoline prices.

The antenna topper concept was introduced by Union 76 and distributed millions of 76 Styrofoam antenna balls by 1967. As the number 76 has become so popular in public, in 2013, they retreated to the orange ball symbolism as part of their 'Experience 76' plan.

Final Thoughts

76 gas stations are focused on meeting their high standards and offering the highest quality to their customers. 76 is proud to have the cleanest of the stations available that adhere to high-quality products. Their PRO clean fuel is the top of the line and offers various benefits for using the top-tier fuel to keep the engines from building clogs. 


Does 76 offer a good quality gas?

The majority of people in the USA would make 76 as their reliable choice if they faced with the decision about choosing the gas station. It is high-quality gasoline that has three times more detergent than the EPA requirement, and therefore, it surpasses the market requirements by 30%.

Why some of the 76 gas stations are colored red?

In order to give a common image to 76, Phillips 66, and Conoco gas stations, the company has allotted a red color to the logo, while the balls have also been replaced. The company still appreciates the loyalty of drivers.

Does 76 gas offer better mileage?

Its premium gas has a higher octane rating than the regular or the midgrade gas, as it offers more power when burnt. The premium gas is designed for performance cars having powerful and large engines. It also minimizes preignition risks in hot engine cylinders.  

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo Open 24 hours
Tu Open 24 hours
We Open 24 hours
Th Open 24 hours
Fr Open 24 hours
Sa Open 24 hours
Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 1681 locations in 42 states and 742 cities.


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