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What the company is doing

Ampm is a chain of convenience stores owned by BP America, Inc. It has its headquarters in La Palma, California. Stores are normally located at a BP or ARCO-branded gas station across the United States.

How big it is

Ampm has more than 1,000 branches spread across several states in America, including Arizona, Nevada, California, Washington, and Oregon. You can also find ampm stores in Brazil and Costa Rica.

History of the brand

The first ampm store was opened in 1978 in Southern California. Since then, the chain has become a favorite highway retail-and-rest location for several motorists. The brand is synonymous with offering quality food and drinks.

Business directions

Ampm has a dedicated line of proprietary drinks that it sells across its stores. Its food program is a major focus and includes bakery, coffee, hot foods, fresh sandwiches and a condiment bar. Dispensed drinks include 24 different flavors which are sold alongside open-air refrigerated cases that display fruit, yogurt, and fresh sandwiches.

Key facts

Ampm is 100% franchised. It is fully owned by BP, a company that acquired the former parent company to ampm – Atlantic Richfield Company in 2000. In the same year, the chain’s interests in Japan were sold to Japan Energy (JOMO) together with BP’s other interests. The ownership changed in 2004 when the store was resold to Reins International Inc.

Mission and Vision

Ampm’s mission is to take of a large number of customers and their needs. This ensures maximum satisfaction.


Who owns AMPM convenient stores?

BP America, Inc, is the parent company to ampm. You’ll mostly find ampm stores located at a BP-branded gas station across America.

Does ampm have alcohol?

Ampm sells alcohol and beers under its Brews and Bubblies lineup. Where you’re looking to mix things up or just want an ordinary beer, the chain store is your go-to choice.

Does ampm have an app?

Ampm has an app called Scratch Power that allows consumers to win items on a weekly basis.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo Open 24 hours
Tu Open 24 hours
We Open 24 hours
Th Open 24 hours
Fr Open 24 hours
Sa Open 24 hours
Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 1000 locations in 31 states and 409 cities.


Specialties: Performance Cars Upgrade


  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores

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