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At Bank of America, they have a strong goal of helping to improve financial life through the power of every connection. Their commitment to responsible development which includes an emphasis on environmental, social, and management (ESG) leadership, fulfills this objective. Integrated into their 8 business lines — their ESG focus represents their values, makes them accountable, provides massive business opportunities, and enables them to share their clients and communities with success.

In the United States, they deliver every day unrivaled convenience for about 66 million consumers and small business customers. Bank of America is a global pioneer in wealth management, corporate banking, and investment banks, serving businesses, governments, institutions, and individuals worldwide, across a broad spectrum of asset classes. The organization operates in the United States, its territories, and more than 35 countries to serve its clients.
They represent three client classes — staff, businesses, and institutional investors. Both three user segments are represented in the US and larger corporations and institutional investors are served outside the United States. It simplifies their market and reduces their risk profile.
People: They believe that they have the best customer and small business franchise in the world. They serve over one in three households in the United States and over 9 million customers. With 37 million digital banking users, they see a continuous growth of their digital and mobile channels; with almost 27 million active mobile banking users.

Companies: In the S&P 500 almost every corporation is part of their global banking sector. Solid, recurring profitability is given by global banking. Their companies are the engines of the economy and they give their customers the widest range of solutions, both domestic and foreign, to help businesses expand, increase cash flow, and invest in their future.

Institutions: Their global market company is one of the most capable platforms in the world when it comes to institutional investors which they represent. This company provides capital to businesses that are required for development and serves many of the world's largest institutional investors who manage savings and investments through pension and pension funds. With their presence and worldwide scope, they give you access to investment opportunities in fixed revenue and equity products.

They have a range of leading capabilities in each region where they work as they look through their companies and their customers. That is the strength of this business; that's the strength of the model and the balance that they strive to ensure that their clients and customers do whatever they can while leveraging their balance sheet to function effectively according to post-crisis regulation.

The development of a culture focused on honesty and ethical behavior begins with their CEO, the management team, the Board of Management, and other managers being a priority. The structure and composition of their Board enable you to control the management of all risks, including compliance and actions, and to take responsibility for them. The Management, the Business Risk Committee and the Audit Committee amend or authorize certain company policies on enforcement and behavior annually for their supervisory responsibilities. In order to ensure that these matters are incorporated into business decisions and are recognized and handled at the highest level, the Global Climate, Social, and Governance Committee often periodically addresses emerging issues and concerns shared by advocates, regulators, and other stakeholders."

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