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The origins of Bank OZK date from its establishment in 1903 in Jasper, Arkansas, in the form of a small community bank. But their modern history originally started in 1979 with the acquisition of George Gleason, a 25-year-old solicitor at the Bank of Ozark, a bank with 28 million dollars in assets and two rural regions of Arkansas. Since that time, its properties, with a workforce of more than 2,800 and more than 250 offices in 10 countries, have risen to $25 billion.

At Bank OZK, they are building on their legacy in the community by merging high ethical standards with revolutionary technology to provide their customers and communities with genuinely outstanding services. They commit themselves to develop new ideas and partnerships that enable their large and small communities to grow and prosper.

Small and medium-sized companies are the anchor of their economy, giving their communities jobs, growth, and innovation, and they aim to help those businesses through customized loans and enhanced deposit and payment services and resources. These programs, along with outstanding customer-focused services help each customer understand its full potential and keep their local communities dynamic.

Along with their attention to the communities they represent, they change the skyline of Bank OZK in the largest cities in the United States. 2003 saw the creation of the Real Estate Specialties Group (RESG), based in Dallas, Texas, to generate high-quality commercial immobilization and development, property and expanding loans within the Bank's footprint on marquee real estate ventures. Since it was founded, RESG has become the leading building lender across the country that focuses on high-quality, complex projects, while maintaining leading business standards in the largest cities in the US. The Bank is characterized by RESG's considerable experience in building lending, prudent corporate practices, and a diversified portfolio of quality assets.

Mr. Gleason gathered 28 workers on his first day as chief executive and chairman of the bank in 1979 and said that the Bank could not become the state's largest bank, but he was confident it could become the best bank in the nation by working hard and seeking excellence every day. They have not only been the largest bank in Arkansas but have repeatedly been called among the best banks of the country by Mr. Gleason and by their employees' unfailing dedication to excellence. Bank OZK, by leading business journals, has been listed 13 times as the leading bank in the U.S. In addition, in 2019 and 2020, Money named Bank OZK as the best bank in the south, and Forbes named Bank OZK in 2019 and 2020 as "America's best banks" and "World's best banks," a tribute to their creative services and excellent execution.

The Bank has been and will always be a basis for continuing success and for them to abide by the core principles of personal devotion to quality, fair business, and excellent customer service. Their goal in every group they represent is to be the best banking organization and corporate citizen. They do so every day by following the OZK Way.

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