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Being a Fortune 1000 company, Barnes & Noble is one of the most commonly recognized book store chains across the US. For an avid book reader, Barnes & Noble is like heaven made out of books of all topics, genres, and authors for any book lover.

In 2019, Barnes & Noble acquired around 627 official outlets in all of the 50 states of the USA, along with a super popular online book store delivering your favorite books at your doorstep. In late 2019, Elliot Management Company has been able to acquire the Barnes & Noble set up through a very successful deal. 

The history of Barnes & Noble

The history of Barnes & Noble is one of the oldest ones among the Fortune 1000 companies. The company was founded back in 1886 in the heart of NYC, New York, USA by William Barnes and G. Clifford Noble as a small book store that grew up to become the Barnes & Noble we all love so much.

Due to its historical origins, Barnes & Noble has been able to get copyrights of some of our favorite literature masterpieces that you can easily access at any Barnes & Noble location.

Business Directions

You might be thinking, there are thousands of other great book stores operating in the US market as well, but why Barnes & Noble got this prestigious and highly successful stature among book stores?

According to our expert review, Barnes & Noble as a company is more focused on creating a unique relationship with every single of its customers. Moreover, the company is very focused on maintaining a wide variety of books. As every user has their personal preferences while choosing a book to read, Barnes & Noble company makes sure that they can freely choose the kind of book they prefer.

How many locations they have?

According to verified reports from the year 2019, Barnes & Noble company owns around 627 outlet locations across all US states.

What are their shopping hours?

The official Barnes & Noble store hours are 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM for weekdays, including Saturday, while 10:00 AM – 07:00 PM for Sundays.


Why books in Barnes & Noble are so expensive?

According to Barnes & Noble company itself, the business model includes relatively high pricing compared to their competitors, including Amazon. This step is designed to make sure that the company can pay their authors a considerable amount for their services.

Why are Barnes & Nobles banning books?

Well, this step is taken solely taken as a result of the open war going between B&N and Amazon regarding issues related to banning books from each other’s publishing authorities.


Overall, these years, Barnes & Noble have been able to maintain their stature as a top-notch bookselling company across the US. What makes B&N special, in our opinion, is that the Barnes & Noble outlets have a more user-oriented service that allows the user to feel more valued whenever they enter a B&N store to buy books.

Locations: 642 locations in 49 states and 505 cities.


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