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Batteries Plus (which was the original name of Batteries Plus Bulbs) was the first company to meet trends in the replacement battery field with the first retail shop's launch in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1988. The franchise was launched back in 1992, and the first franchise shop opened in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company's fast extension and development have been motivated by the growing need for originality and replacement batteries, along with the brand's reputation for dealing with battery-related issues and providing related helpful consultations. 

With light bulbs to the product line, the company upgraded the battery-only franchise concept model in 2010. In 2014, they introduced nationwide mobile and tablet repair services, including the in-store fixing of broken monitors and batteries' replacements. 

The company's battery, light bulb and the phone/tablet repair franchises with a national network of locations are the biggest and most rapidly expanding in the country. Batteries Plus products have the most massive range of battery, lamp items, and accessories available, including more than 60,000 battery varieties. At both the national and local levels, the company provides unparalleled support to customers, companies, and government agencies. 

Within the investment category, the company was featured by Forbes among Top 10 Best Franchises to Buy in America in 2014. In 2015, Entrepreneur ranked it #1 of battery franchises during the last seven years. The company is still an unquestionable leader in such US markets as battery replacement, smartphone repair, and light bulb replacement. 

Batteries Plus Bulbs provides outstanding value along with national brands. Their products are suitable for all applications, including smartphones, cellular telephones or vehicles, military appliances, heavy-duty equipment, and other BTB usages. The company's light bulbs are presented by all types of lamps adjusted for various uses, such as table lamps, exclusive specialty functions for vehicles, healthcare, aquariums, projectors, and even more. 

The company specializes in the storage of batteries and bulbs, which aren't easy to find. Differentiating them from other retailers is the scope of lines' extension, professional experience, and high customer service level. The company's extensive product knowledge considers battery and light bulbs, battery conditioning and repair, supply, and personal touch. 

They offer a full range of light-quality batteries and light bulbs. The company is prepared to perform both on a local and national scale. Modern technology oftentimes utilizes a rechargeable power source. Batteries Plus Bulbs stores are designed to satisfy customers' various needs. They provide services of in-store repair for Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods, most of Samsung devices, and many others, battery pack design and building capability alongside services of installing many different applications, such as watches, trucks and keyless Remote Services.

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Locations: 663 locations in 47 states and 562 cities.


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