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On March 2, 1964, Harry B. Brock Jr., Schuyler Baker, and Hugh Daniel, with a shareholder of 1 million dollars, formed the Company as a central bank and trust company. Frank L. Hardy, John R. Israel, Wendell H. Taylor, and Stewart Welch were other founding directors. Wally Nall, John Evins, Inos Heard, and Tom Jernigan joined the committee shortly afterward.

In 1967 the business relocated onto 20th Street South into a new 15-story structure. In 1969, the Central Office made the only bank that could open branches across district lines, the Decatur State National Bank a hostile takeover bid. Hugh Agricola and other representatives of Gadsden's First National Bank, who bought the bidding by the state national, sponsored the offer. The Bank of Virginia sponsored it with a $10 million credit line, which pioneered its own state-wide banking business. By July, Central was able, in advance of a public offer of $60 per share, to establish a voting trust which represents about one-third of the shares of State National. Birmingham's City National Bank, which was also preparing a fusion, offset $80 for each share. Central ordered their brokers to buy up to 85 dollars of the maximum number of shares and finished with enough shares to govern the National Council of State.

The presentation of today highlights the goal of BBVA to deploy a specific value proposal and reliable customer expertise that serves customers in all its financial management through the use of technology and data. BBVA has already swapped the logos in about 1,000 offices worldwide - including its head office in Madrid - while the majority of the physical transition will be seen in the coming months. In digital channels, the changes will occur even more rapidly.

The new unified global brand was built especially for BBVA's increasingly digital environment. It is also an example of the values of BBVA, especially of the value "we are one team," which underlines the importance and dedication of the employees of the Group to the project. The new brand also has the goal of giving everyone the age of opportunity, as BBVA CEO Onur Genç has said to the company's 125,000 employees. There are other important explanations for the transition, however. "This change has clear advantages. The first benefit is that digital capabilities continue to be developed – but what does this mean? They see this from an infrastructure provider to a financial global digital consultant, they must move from one infrastructure provider to another," he said.

"BBVA's Executive Chairman, Carlos Torres Vila, said They are engaged in an ongoing transition, a digital and a data revolution. BBVA is now moving onto a single brand across its entire footprint that is going to be distributed over the next six to twelve months.
With offices in mind, BBVA has over 8,000 in the world, all of which have many logos inside them, from businesses to company buildings, which require improvement. And others – hundreds of meters in length and large letters, for instance in Mexico City and Buenos Aires. For instance, the BBVA Tower is 235 meters high in Mexico.

Then there are digital areas that are used by about 3,000 customers and customers globally that need to be re-coded to implement the new logo and brand theme.
Rob Brown, BBVA Global CMO says, "This is a major challenge logistically, but it is valuable every second."

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Locations: 670 locations in 26 states and 308 cities.


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