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Operating over 500 retail shops in the South and East of the USA, Beall's Inc.  is an American retail corporation that has annual revenue of more than $1 billion. It has been one of Florida's largest private companies since its humble beginnings in 1915 and has also been an important asset for all the communities across the world.

Beall's, Inc. is headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, and offers its operating companies a variety of activities including accounting, finance, information technology and logistics. Every organization has its own procurement, product development, immobilization and advertisement divisions.

A dry goods shop was opened in 1915 in Bradenton, Florida, by 22-year-old Robert M. Beall Sr. He used empty wooden packaging crates as his first tables for investment in his entire savings in merchandise. The shop sold nothing for more than a dollar and he named his store - the Dollar Cap. In 1920 Beall changed its name to The Five Dollar Cap after the inflation of World War I. In a few years Beall bought a vacant lot in the courthouse, constructing a new modern department store that opened in 1924. Business thrived during Florida's early 20s land boom. In just a few years, the Florida boom ended, followed only by a bond collapse. Robert Beall lost his company to the bank, which he was hard hit and unable to pay his debts. He persisted in the depression as a manager. He saved enough to buy it back in 1944.

After the war ended Robert’s son E.R joined him as a partner junior. The Bealls department store was baptized. Florida started changing face in the 1950s through air conditioning and the influx of new people. In 1956 Bradenton's Westgate Shopping Center opened the second Bealls Department Store, and in 1961 it followed its third in Venice, Florida. E.R. established a new chain when his father was operating the original downtown shop until 1979, just before his death.

Florida developed immensely during the 1960s and 1970s, with the aid of Bealls shops. The chain had 23 shops by 1981. One year later, the chain was allowed to double its sales space by seven new stores. The new communities continued to expand and new technologies were embraced, new storage stands introduced and their website launched in 1998. The growth philosophy of Bealls was self-financing; it stayed within its operating cash limit and its debt load remained minimal. Bealls opened its own design studio in 2004 to personalize its product line. Bealls lines are unique to Reel Legends, Coral Bay and Leoma Lovegrove.

The retail holding company operates in twelve states via Beall's shop, Beall's Outlet and Burke's outlet stores. The multi-brand distributor has over 530 office and outlet shops in the south and west of the US including Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas (around 200 in Florida). The products range from inexpensive clothes and accessories to cosmetics, donations and house wares for men and women. The online shopping destination of each chain is its own.

Beall's Inc. is a debt-free, billion-dollar, future-oriented company, as they step into new markets. As they evolve and open new stores, they recruit talent with a premium and fit within the culture. If you want to join a team that is proud of its past but also focused on the future, think about a role with Bealls today!

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 10:00 - 20:00
Tu 10:00 - 20:00
We 10:00 - 20:00
Th 10:00 - 20:00
Fr 10:00 - 20:00
Sa 10:00 - 20:00
Su 10:00 - 18:00

Locations: 452 locations in 29 states and 328 cities.


  • Discount Stores
  • Department Stores
  • General Merchandise
  • Variety Stores
  • Outlet Stores


  • accepts credit cards

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