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Belk is a North-Carolina-based chain of department stores that operates around 300 stores in 15 US states. It offers private-label clothing and mid-priced brand name, cosmetics, shoes, jewelry, gifts, and home furniture. The company's locations are in the southeastern U.S., and its different brands include Lightning Bug, Kim Rogers, Karri Blue, True Craft, and Nursery Rhyme. Belk also operates its eCommerce site.

History of Belk

William Henry Belk was the founder of Belk company when in 1888, he inaugurated a little discount shop in Monroe, North Carolina. His initial shop was recognized as New York Racket and later on Belk Brothers. Within seven months, Belk became a profitable business, growing from being in over $4000 in debt to profits. In 1893, Belk opened the second store in Chester, South Carolina. 

In 1909, Belk relocated its headquarters to Charlotte and established a large flagship shop which remained its headquarters until 1988. The growth of Belk company pushed further when Belk Jones Brand and Earl Jones Sr. opened their first Belk in the West of Mississippi in the year 1947. The structure of the stores allowed them to expand rapidly, and by the 1990s, they held more than 350 separate legal entities.

Belk began their fresh distribution center in Blythewood, South Carolina, in 2000. This spacious facility was able to replace half a dozen of their small warehouses. At present, Belk’s annual revenue is more than $1 billion and sales of more than $3 billion even though their margin suffered during the weakening economy.

Mission and Vision

Belk aims to offer several quality skills training and development programs to meet the business needs and support its corporate goals. Belk has the vision to match the customer demands for excellence, benefit, and assistance.

Belk believes in giving back to the communities that made it a successful company by maintaining a rich heritage of philanthropy and community service. The company contributes around 2.5% of its pre-tax profits to support its charitable efforts in three major areas: breast cancer awareness, research, education, and community strengthening.

Belk Business Directions

Since the humble inception of Belk in 1888 in Monroe, North Carolina, it has grown into the largest privately owned mainline department store. It offers the best of the modern and Southern styles and houses many of the nation's top fashion designers, cosmetic brands, accessories, apparel, shoes, and home furnishings. There is also an outstanding line of private brand merchandise found both in retail locations and online.

Belk is also seeking to increase its sales by growing the retail brands and diversifying the product lineups. Belk Beauty was introduced in 2018 as its first proprietary beauty line. There are ten items included in the product family inspired by its Southern roots. 

Belk has also extended its apparel brand to include women's shoes and men's clothing.

There are plans to add the home and kids’ products to the catalog, and Belk also started marketing the limited-branded women’s clothing in around 150 of its stores. The company has invested more than $65 million in capital improvements and store remodels.


What kind of company is Belk?

Belk is known to be one of the largest private department store companies based in North Carolina. Its customers shop for the Saturday night outfit, perfect Sunday clothing, and where the community and the family matter most.

Is Belk a well-reputed company?

Belk has a high customer rating which indicates that most of its customers are quite satisfied with their purchases. Ranking among the top general apparel sites, most of Belk's consumers mention its great customer service.

Are returns accepted at Belk?

The general return policy of Belk is quite generous and remains for 180 days from the purchasing date. It honors a full refund of the purchase price with a receipt to its original payment form, with only a few exceptions.

Locations: 281 locations in 33 states and 255 cities.


Specialties: Four Wheel Drives, 4wd, 4 Wheel Drives, 4x4s, Recreational Vehicles, Sport Utility, Fleet Vehicles, Alignment, Trailers, Suvs, Performance Cars Upgrade, Campers, Motorhomes & Rv's


  • Home Decor
  • Home Furnishings
  • Shoe Stores
  • Women's Clothing
  • Men's Clothing
  • Department Stores
  • Cookware & Utensils
  • Linens
  • Bedding
  • Children & Infants Clothing


  • accepts credit cards

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