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BI-LO is an American convenience store chain owned by Southeastern Grocers. The company has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. BI-LO has over 47,000 employees across all its store locations and generates about $39.12 million in annual sales. The BI-LO, LLC corporate family has 986 companies under its umbrella. At the time of the elimination of the banner, supermarket stores under the BI-LO brand were operating in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. 


BI-LO was initiated by Frank Outlaw in 1961. Outlaw a former Winn-Dixie executive bought 4 Greenville, SC grocery stores from Wrenn and Syracuse chain and he established the Wrenn & Outlaw chain. In 1963, the company was named BI-LO after Frank Outlaw carried out an employee store-naming competition to develop the brand. Edna Plumblee, his secretary won the contest when she submitted the name "BI-LO."

In 1977, BI-LO was sold to a Dutch retail food conglomerate, Ahold. Ahold then purchased Red Food Stores, Inc. in 114 and he merged about 55 locations in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia into BI-LO. In 2001, Ahold bought a Birmingham, Alabama-based chain of supermarkets and combined running them with BI-LO. 

BI-LO invested in redesigning the layout of their stores in 2003 to attract high-end clients. This resulted in the new Super BI-LO concept of a bigger store layout that features a large selection of organic foods, specialty foods, and healthier foods. Since then, the company opened new Super BI-LO branded stores and remodeled their older store locations in the affluent neighborhoods. 

Business Directions

BI-LO Holding’s motto is "Combine and conquer." The parent company for this supermarket chain boats of over 750 stores across 7 southeastern states. The company operates about 180 BI-LO and Super BI-LO grocery stores in Georgia and Carolinas and about 520 combination food and drug store locations in Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia, which are under the Winn-Dixie Marketplace and Winn-Dixie banners. The company also has 50 grocery stores in Georgia, South Carolina, and Georgia under the Harveys name. 

BI-LO Holding was initiated in 2012 when BI-LO’s owner Lone Star Holdings based in Dallas acquired Winn-Dixie for approximately $560 million. The two companies merged and in 2015, the company was renamed Southeastern Grocers. 

Key Points

When you browse through the BI-LO isles, you will recognize some of your favorite brands. This is because BI-LO stores sell the same brands that you will get at Winn-Dixie. You can spot Top Care hygiene products, Lip-Lickin' Chicken, Chek soda, and many more. 

BI-LO is committed to helping customers by providing delicious, crowd-pleasing meals for families while sticking to a budget. The company teamed up with Chef Curtis Stone to offer weekly feed your family recipes such as Chicken Fajita Quesadillas and Pimento Cheeseburgers. Every recipe serves a family of four people and it costs $10 or less. When checking out, you can also pick up Flavor magazine from BI-LO for even more recipe ideas. 


Southern shoppers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia have loyalty to BI-LO, a 50-year old chain that is specific to three states. BI-LO is owned by the same parent company as Winn-Dixie and promises affordable, high-quality prices. The company reduces prices of hundreds of household essentials and they keep their prices down all year round. The superior quality and affordable prices are what makes the locals keep coming back. 


BI-LO is quite popular because the company commits itself to community service efforts such as feeding America, launching healthy lifestyle initiatives, and supporting local farmers. 

Is Bi-Lo Going Out Of Business?

Southeastern Grocers announced on June 9, 2020, the decision to no longer operate stores that are under the BI-LO banner. 

Who owns BI-LO?

The parent company Southeastern Grocers owns BI-LO. The parent company decided last year to eliminate the BI-LO brand partly to focus more on its Winn-Dixie brands, Harveys Supermarket, and Fresco y Más brands.

What Does BI-LO Sell?

BI-LO supermarket chains sell products such as dairy, bakery, meat, seafood, liquor, snacks, frozen foods, general grocery, produce, and many more. 

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 7:00 - 22:00
Tu 7:00 - 22:00
We 7:00 - 22:00
Th 7:00 - 22:00
Fr 7:00 - 22:00
Sa 7:00 - 22:00
Su 7:00 - 22:00

Locations: 126 locations in 21 states and 99 cities.


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