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Books-A-Million is the second largest bookstore in the US. The business model includes a chain of supermarkets for selling books and various entertaining products. Also some shops have internal cafeterias for visitors. And for wholesale and retail trade there is an e-commerce site with the same name.

How big it is

To understand the commercial success of a company, imagine 260 stores in 32 states. This is the scope of Books-A-Million. The network consists of both small shops and big supermarkets. This approach helps to adapt to the conditions of the local market of medium-sized cities.

The history of the brand

To find out how Books-A-Million was born, let’s look at 1917. At that time, Clyde W. Anderson, who was 14 years old, decided to set up his own newsstand. The young man remained the eldest in the family after the death of his father and needed to find a job. Clyde heard from the working class that they lacked news from their homes, and that was the reason he decided to go into business.

After Clyde’s death, the store was inherited by his son, Charles C. Anderson. He began to expand his network of newsstands and registered Bookland in 1964.

In 1988, Gateway Books, based in Knoxville, was incorporated into the company. And there was a new format of supermarket sales.

Since 1999, Books-A-Million has gradually begun to incorporate other companies. NetCentral is a website development company that was purchased by BAM!.Yogurt Mountain has also become part of the network.

In 2015, the bookchain changed its manager. It was acquired by Clyde B. Anderson. A year later, a new update appeared. In 2016, Books-A-Million began publishing the first books of its own brand.

Business directions

Together with the sale of books, the buyers of the Books-A-Million network can use the services of the coffee chain "Joe Muggs". 2nd & Charles sells books, video games, vinyl records, audiobooks, and more.


Books-A-Million does not stop at purchasing coffee shops for its bookstores. Yogurt Mountain is also part of the corporation. It’s a franchise network where they make frozen fruit yogurts. Another area of interest for the company is the management of commercial real estate by Preferred Growth Properties.

Key facts about the company

  1. Books-A-Million differs from other book networks in that it retains its regional focus, opening points in medium-sized cities rather than large ones as competing companies.
  2. Books-A-Million promotes a curriculum that supports reading among children. To this end, the company organized the Kids-A-Million Children’s Department and provided discounts on library materials for local schools.
  3. Since 2001, Books-A-Million has been a partner of Alibris' rare book supplier.

Books-A-Million sees its mission in caring for partners, customers and shareholders.

Vision Statement:

The main priority is to create friendly relations with customers, placing customer needs first.

The organizational mission of the company is to give employees the opportunity to present the organization passionately, following the principles of mutual respect.

The company aims to develop an energetic environment that will foster brand loyalty.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 8:30 - 17:30
Tu 8:30 - 17:30
We 8:30 - 17:30
Th 8:30 - 17:30
Fr 8:30 - 17:30
Sa Closed
Su Closed

Locations: 194 locations in 34 states and 180 cities.


Specialties: Radiators, Batteries, Fuel Injectors, Air Conditioning, A C, Transmissions, Cooling, Antifreeze

Services: Oil Change


  • Video Rental & Sales
  • Book Stores
  • Magazines
  • Music Stores


  • accepts credit cards

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