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The Carvel Company does both retail and wholesale of frozen desserts while being a frozen dessert store franchise owner. Carvel ice cream or other frozen sweets are sold in more than 5.000 places worldwide, including franchise stores, supermarkets, stadiums, and mall kiosks.

Carvel is the most prominent existing brand of ice-cream retail. Its products are famous in 2 eastern shore states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Vietnam. 

It all started in the summer of 1934 when Tom Carvel and his girlfriend Agnes loaded a trailer with the ice cream and went north. They stopped in Hartsdale, New York, founded a shop, and sold their product quickly.

Afterward, Carvel went to a small rented shop in the Hartsdale district and spent his summers selling ice cream. Later he married his girlfriend, and for five years, they kept on this enterprise. 

Tom Carvel was technically savvy and created an electric freezer that would produce a custard-like 'soft' ice cream. In 1936 he made a secret ice-cream recipe and patented a super-low-temperature non-air-pump ice-creaming machine. Later on, he got another 13 patents. By 1939 Carvel had designed five of those kinds of devices and ran three ice cream shops. 

During this time, the Dairy Queen establisher had also invented soft ice cream. The preparation contained less air and could be drawn from the spout into the cone or cup more warmly than the traditional ice-cream. 

By 1994, 13 eastern coastal states had 570 carvel units, among which 23 were company-woned. Also, 935 supermarkets in the east from 15 chains carried Carvel products as well. Licensees were provided five-year contracts to operate these outlets. Still, many rejected the scheme either because they diverted business from their stores or felt it was more challenging for distributors to raise money than it seemed. By the end of 1994 Carvel, stand-alone outlets number had decreased to fewer than 500. 

By 1999 there were only 400 stores left, but Carvel had a retail presence in about 4500 supermarkets, more than a hundred of them in Los Angeles. Gross sales of around $200 million was accompanied by $95 million supermarket sales in 1998. During this time, Carvel revived its original ice cream cone logo and unveiled a new item, 'Lil' Love,' a tiny cake designed to treat children. 

At the start of the new century, its reputation for high-quality goods and inventions was well-known. As to the Carvel franchise opportunities, the company's press was positive and helped the business evolve. Many people recalled Carvel ice cream with plenty of fondness. They noted that the company works to build strong emotional connections with clients so that future generations would feel attached to the brand.

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Locations: 296 locations in 27 states and 224 cities.


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