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Casey's General Stores, Inc. is a chain of convenience stores located in the Midwest area. The stores afford a wide variety of food, drinks, cigarettes, healthcare & beauty supplies, automotive goods, petrol, and other items, and are known under the name "Casey's General Store".

As its co-founder and CEO states, the company was the sixth biggest chain of convenience stores in the US at the beginning of the 1990s and the third biggest in 1996. By the end of April 1996, 983 Casey stores were presented in 9 states, among which 182 were franchised units. The company headquarters was based within a 500-mile range from each of those stores in Ankeny, Iowa. There were 312 stores in Iowa state, 235 in Illinois and 222 in Missouri (222). Around 72% of them located in the regions with a population less than 5,000 and only 6% in those with more than 20,000.

Domenic Lamberti, an immigrant from Italy who previously worked as a coal miner, opened a company specializing in coal and ice delivery at the northern part of Des Moines, Iowa, precisely at Northeast 14th Street and Broadway, in 1935., and that's how Casey's history had begun. Lamberti's business grew into a local grocery shop selling gasoline outside. Donald F. Lamberti, the founder's son, started working in the shop at a very young age. In 1960, Domenic became ill, so Donald left Drake University, where he was studying accounting, to take care of his father's business.

In 1967, a salesman named Kurvin C. Fish, from whom Lamberti had bought gasoline had talked Lamberti into acquiring the oil firm in Iowa named Ames, which had four Square Deal service stations. The money was given by Lamberti: $40,000 down, $200,000 in total, and additionally an equipment loan of $40,000 provided by a local bank. Fish agreed to run the company, named using his initials, the first and the middle. They didn't utilize Lamberti's full name, supposing that many people do not like Italians.

For the 7th yeast in a row, Casey had reached strikingly high profit, but in 1995 its stocks instantly dropped from $22,50 to $19 per share, with analysts predicting that the profits would increase even more. A total of 65 stores were established and sales reached 954.8 million dollars while the net income was 27.8 million. By the end of March, the long-term debt of the company became $81.2 million.

More than 2,500 items were usually offered at each of Casey's stores in 1996. 99% of shops had snack centers providing sandwiches, doughnuts, fountain beverages, and some fresh food items, while 92% offered pizzas. 56 percent of net revenue was received because of gasoline. Sales to franchised stores represented 7 percent of the overall wholesale income. In 1996, franchises were charged by Casey's 0,018 cents per gallon of petrol and 3% of the gross income from other items. They paid a fee to rent the company's sign and facade as well. By 663the end of the 1996 fiscal year, the company possessed the land at 711 places and 738 buildings. As for the land, 90 locations were leased, and in the case of buildings - 63.

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Locations: 2042 locations in 47 states and 1295 cities.


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