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Catherines Shop is a leading women's specialist retailer of accessories and clothing of large sizes. The aim of Catherine is to be recognized for celebrating the life and fashion image of women who wear clothing of plus sizes. Their ongoing mission is to meet the clothing needs of women of large sizes by great service, fashion clothes, prices, and fit choices. Catherines is a parent company of three separate store brands - Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, and Catherines Plus Sizes.

Till the last year, Catherines Corporation had more than 400 stores in 44 states, and now it operates as an online shop. It offers classical work and casual clothing for plus-size women at modest costs. The firm occupies a gap by acknowledging women's fashion needs in sizes from 16W to 26W and 28W to 34W; a range of sizes is not readily suggested. In more than half of the shops, petite lengths in sizes 16WP to 26WP are also available.

The company originated in 1960 in Memphis by intelligent and quick-witted Catherine Weaver before the serving of plus sizes became mainstream. Owning a single shop, she had a dream – she wanted to bring style, beauty, and confidence to accomplice clients who had a limited fashion clothing choice. As the concept succeeded, more shops opened in the South. Later, Catherine Weaver sold her shop to Ralph Levy. Soon Levy closed his family company, Ralph Levy and Associates, and dedicated himself to the development of Catherine. It is how Catherines Stout Shoppes appeared, and later Catherines Inc was formed.  The business continued to grow and opened its hundredth store in 1980.

Catherines offers the items of many famous brands, such as Top Notch, Donkenny (DKGold), Koret, Baron-Abramson, Young Stuff, Cimy, Sharon Anthony, Damon, Chez of California, and Katherine Lindsay. You can also find clothing specially made for Catherines stores (it accounts for between 15 and 20 % of the assortment). Besides, the company also sells private label items such as sweaters, blouses, ties, jackets, suits, active clothes, and shirts.

Catherines mostly opened its stores in shopping malls, claiming that its buyers favored the convenience of parking outside the store. For example, by 1995, 78% of the four chains' shops were located in strip centers. Their shops were small, measuring on average between 3,000 and 4,500 gross square feet.

Even though all its stores are closed, today Catherines keeps fulfilling its pledge to be a fashion and fit leader for 16W–34W and 0X–5X sizes through the online shop. But Catherines is more than just a store. At Catherines, the team strives to enlist, communicate, and inspire the women they serve, women willing to look and feel beautiful. They want to help you bring the women's wardrobe to life — with colors, prints, and the fanciful touches that make women smile. They do listen, understand, and grow so that they can give her more of what the women enjoy. They do their best to keep their ongoing promise - "We Fit You Beautifully."

Locations: 288 locations in 43 states and 252 cities.


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