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Home BancShares, Inc. buys, organizes, and invests in the banking of attractive market-based Community banks. Their community banking team is focused on seasoned banking professionals with good local ties. The company was founded in 1998 by a group of investors led by their Chairman, John W. Allison and Robert H. Adcock, Jr. "Bunny" They founded First State Bank in Conway, Arkansas, in 1999 after obtaining a bank charter.

In their years as a private company, they received $131,8 million in cash through intrastate common stock offerings. Home BancShares and TCBancorp (a holding bank in which they were the largest investor and which they later acquired). As a public corporation, they raised money in 2006 and 2009 respectively for $47.2 million and $107.3 million. This raise of capital made it possible for their business to expand organically and employing cash purchases, both of which were initiated with a simple idea by Home Bankshares (NASDAQ – HOMB) – to create a community banking franchise. This has shown a fruitful banking strategy that their customers prefer. Their business today has risen in assets to over $15 billion.

They are proud of this banking philosophy that contributes to excellent service and good customer relations. By engaging and helping local charities, they maintain a deep commitment to the communities they represent. These values provide a competitive advantage to meet their clients' needs, in particular as they compete with major regional and national banks.

Via their clients, shareholders, employees, and local board of directors' loyalty, support, and engagement, they are continuously developing a profitable bank organization with high customer service. Centennial Bank offers businesses, investments and individuals and communities with a wide range of retail and commercial banking services. Houses in Arkansas, Florida, South Alabama, and New York Centennial Bank. They are proud of their outstanding service to their customers, the comfort of their account holders, and the attention that they take care of the communities.

An investment committee headed by John W. Allison, Chairman of the Board of Home Bancshares, and Robert H. Home BancShares, Inc. was founded by the co-founder of "Bunny" Adcock, Jr. In 1999, the First State Bank of Conway was established in Arkansas, after receiving a bank charter. In 2003, 2005, and 2008 respectively, Home Bancshares purchased and merged the Neighborhood Bank, Mountain View Bank, and Centennial Bank. Home BancShares and its founders participated in the establishment in 2000 of the Twin City Bank. In the 1990s, Allison also helped to develop and acquire Marine Bank of the Florida Keys and later introduced them to the Home BancShares family in 2005.

The banks of Home Bancshares are designed by seasoned bankers with good local ties. All charters collapsed in 2008 and 2009 and all banks were put under the name "Centennial Bank" which allowed them to serve their customers, employees, and shareholders better. This big integration. They remain as an organization at the heart of their communities and their customers have a personal and competent local service, all in the name of the Centennial bank. They will continue to represent their clients socially, professionally, and locally in the name of the Centennial Bank, as a good corporate neighbor. Thank you over the years for your support and support and they look forward to fulfilling your banking needs for years to come.

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