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When buying a new TV or setting it up, all of us face the question: What is the best TV operator we can rely on? If we do some research, we’ll see that a big variety of operators in the United States offer telecommunication services at different prices. So, how can we choose the best one? The answer is obvious – Charter Communications.

Charter Communications is a relatively young company. Its story started in the 1990s when three ex-managers of Cencom Cable Television (St. Louis, Missouri) united their forces and established their own telecommunication company. They named it “Charter Communications” and started to develop it. In five years, they managed to reach one million subscribers. But that was not enough. Charter Communications began to to expand and gain more subscribers by purchasing other TV cable operators such as American Cable Entertainment of Stamford, Marcus Cable, Avalon Cable TV, and others.

So, what is Charter Communications today? Now, it’s one of the leading TV and mass media operators in the USA. Don’t believe it? We’ll prove it:

  • It takes second among other TV cable operators by subscribers’ number (more than 20 million Americans).
  • It belongs to the top free provider of pay television.
  • It is the fifth-biggest telephone operator in the USA (considering the number of residential lines).

Now, let’s see in detail what services Charter Communications provides. The first service is television under the “Spectrum TV” title. It delivers the TV service on three levels – select (with over 120 channels), silver (with more than 170 channels including Showtime and HBO), and gold (it includes over 200 channels with Starz and the Movie Channel).

Charter Communications offers three TV packages – Spectrum TV choice (it comes will the main local TV channels, plus you can choose ten additional channels). The second package, Spectrum TV Stream, provides a 25-channel set with the leading local channels. You can also add extra channels for additional pay. With the third package, Spectrum TV Essentials, you’ll get a line of over 60 channels. This package does not include the local sports channels.

The second service that Charter Communications provides is Spectrum Internet. This service includes security (gadget’s protection against viruses), in-home and out-home Internet, Wi-Fi connection, and video services.

And finally, Spectrum Voice provides a service of using a voice transmitted through the Internet protocol. This service includes the following features – call waiting, leaving a voicemail, blocking anonymous and unwanted calls, using caller ID (it shows you a number of those who’re trying to call you on your display), making return calls, etc.

Also, Charter Communication provides a mobile service under the “Spectrum Mobile” brand. This virtual mobile network cooperates with Verizon (a famous telecommunication provider) to offer the customers no-limits access to the biggest LTE web in the USA. Besides, it allows connecting your gadgets to Spectrum Wi-Fi. Charter Communications Spectrum Mobile offers three data plans – By the big, Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus. All of them include text messages and talks with no limits.

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