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The bank of the Manhattan Company (New York) was named between September 1, 1799-1955, and was named the Chase Manhattan Bank after a merger of 1955 with the Chase National Bank (which separately operated from 1877-1954). John Thompson founded Chase National Bank in 1877.

Through the 1920s, in its Chase Securities Corporation, the Chase National Bank purchased many small Banks. For example, in 1926, it acquired the National Bank for Mechanics and Metals.

However, the largest stockholder was John D. Rockefellers, Jr., of the 1930 Equitable Trust Company, New York, in 1930. This makes Chase America's and indeed the world's largest bank.

Chase was mainly a large wholesale bank dealing with other major financial companies and corporate customers such as General Electric, 450, which had leased prominent space from its RCA subsidiary and was a primary first occupant of the Rockefeller Center in 1930, rescuing this major project. The Bank is also closely linked and funded the petroleum industry with the following companies of Standard Oil and in particular ExxonMobil, which is also a company of the Rockefeller Group. Chase National Bank and The Manhattan Company joined forces in 1955 to set up The Chase Manhattan Bank.

As Chase was a much larger bank, Chase was intended first to buy the Manhattan Bank as its surname was; however, it was clear that the original Manhattan Company charter of Burr had not only included the proviso enabling the bank to set up with surplus funds but also required that the shares should receive unanimous consent from the bank. This arrangement was then formulated as an acquisition of the Chase National Bank of Chase, which became President of the combined company by John J. McCloy. This stopped the shareholders from getting a unanimous agreement.

Chermayeff & Geismar designed a stylized octagon for Chase Manhattan bank's new logo in 1961, which is now part of the bank's current logo. The Chase logo has been described as a stylized depiction of the Manhattan Company's primitive water pipes, although Ivan Chermayeff himself refuted this background in 2007. Chermayeff says the Chase logo was intended only as identifying and geometric and was not at all intended to look like a wooden water pipe cross-cutting.
The bank comprised a firm known as the Chase Investors Management Corporation. The bank gave up its antiquated 1799 State Charter as new under McCloy's successor, George Champion. The Bank entered the bank, the Chase Manhattan Corporation, in 1969, under David Rockefeller's leadership. Chase acquired Collegiate Financial Services, a Lightyear Capital Private Equity Company portfolio, for $663 million in the first quarter of 2006. The chase student loans, formerly known as the chase education finance fund, is used as the foundational basis of the CFS.

Chase purchased the retail and small business banking network of the Bank of New York City in April 2006. This has allowed Chase in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Indiana to access 338 more branches and 700,000 new clients.

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