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The Mighty Chevron

Based on the recent official records and data gathered from national and international monitoring bodies, Chevron energy corporation is the third-largest oil corporation in the US, with a revenue of $146.5 billion in the year 2019 alone.

Moreover, the company has trademarked representations in around 180 countries worldwide, all working as the subsidiaries for the parent Chevron energy corporation. The Chevron energy company is itself a successor of the famous Standard Oil Corporation, which gives us a clear picture of why Chevron energy corporation has been able to acquire such massive scale assets.

How Big is Chevron?

Well, think about a time when you have not seen a Chevron pump on a road trip or even a slightly longer drive? You are right, you couldn't think of it. This gives you an idea of how big Chevron is.

Based on company statistics, Chevron has trademark representation and locations of its company in 180 countries around the globe with annual revenue in billions of USD. Also, the Chevron energy corporation is an American stock market registered energy provider with a share price of $107.26 at the time of writing. The company is showing promising growth in this sector too.

Mission and Vision of the Chevron

Dating back in 1879 and then renamed and introduced as the Chevron energy corporation in 1984, the company has simple yet highly effective objectives since day one.

Chevron has been working towards providing top-quality fuel for vehicle consumers and the energy-producing sector with a highly affordable price level and high-quality refined petroleum items. Moreover, the company has been a key player in employment and refining the economic work structure, specifically in the US market.


What is Chevron?

Chevron is an American-based energy corporation that has been actively involved in oil and natural gas refining, distribution, and marketing for both the general public and large-scale energy corps across the globe. Moreover, the company also deals in hydrocarbons production and exploration campaigns and industrial-scale chemical production and transportation.

What company owns Chevron?

Chevron is a registered trademark registered under the authority of Chevron energy corporation, making it the third-largest oil and gas retailer in the US alone. Moreover, Chevron energy corporation's premium trademarks and sub-companies include Chevron itself, Texaco, and Caltex.

Does Shell own Chevron?

After Texaco merged with the Chevron energy corporation back in 2001, Shell has acquired shares of Texaco as part of a joint venture between the two super massively successful oil and gas dealing brands. However, the Chevron energy corporation itself is not owned by Shell.


Without a doubt, Chevron has been a prominent stakeholder in the oil and gas domain around the globe. However, the role of Chevron in powering up and up-gradation of the American oil and gas sector is also something that needs as much appreciation as possible. The company has undoubtedly been able to achieve some fantastic milestones along its journey.

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