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The biggest operator of convenience shops owned by the company, the third-largest line of corner stores in America – not so many companies in the United States can boast this. But there is one that can – it is Circle K. 

To become a successful worldwide brand, Circle K has had to make great efforts. Initially, Circle K was a line of three stores – it all started in the 1950s when the American entrepreneur Fred Hervey purchased three Kay’s Food locations in the Texas city El Paso. The business went well, and very quickly, his little chain expanded to ten stores. Soon, Mr. Harvey decided to conquer other markets, and he started to open new shops in Arizona. Besides, he decided to change the brand’s logotype – for creating a more western look, the encircled K was added. By the end of the 1950s, there were 10 Circle K stores in Texas and 15 locations in Arizona.

For twenty years, Circle K has been experiencing rapid growth. By 1975, the number of shops grew to over 1000 in the United States. At the end of the 1970s, the company started to expand to other countries – the first Circle K shops were opened in Japan. Today, Circle K is a global brand - it operates over 9000 locations in the US and Canada and over 2000 in the EU. Besides, the company has more than 2000 franchise shops in different countries of the world.

What can you buy in Circle K shops? Firstly, you must taste the Circle K coffee, a coffee that you will not find anywhere. The Circle K staff makes every cup of coffee personal. What does it mean? It means that they make it according to your tastes – hot, cold, with sugar or not. If you like, you can add some flavors or creamers to it.

If you prefer cold drinks, you need to taste the Polar Pop of Circle K. It is the coldest-ever drink that you have tasted anywhere. Additionally, you can add to it cubed or crushed ice (or, if you like, you can add both).

If you take drinks, do not forget to taste Circle K food. The American convenience shops line offers a great variety of bakeries, beverages, candies, salty snacks, etc. Besides, in Circle K, you can eat delicious snacks – hot dogs, sandwiches, various wraps, and healthy food. Be sure – the Circle K food is always fresh, tasty, and hearty.

Circle K is not only about food and drinks. The company also runs a chain of gas stations where you can gas up your car with the highest-quality fuel. The organization works only with reliable suppliers whose petrol corresponds to all the EPA requirements. Besides, the fuel from Circle K is ecologically friendly – thanks to the detergent additives, the vehicle produces fewer emissions, and the engine works much better.

For all the customers, Circle K offers excellent rewards programs, such as Easy Pay. It allows making significant savings on all Circle K products. For example, the new members can have good savings on fuel - up to 30¢ per gallon for the first 100 gallons. The experienced members have a 6¢ per gallon fuel savings every day.

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Mo Open 24 hours
Tu Open 24 hours
We Open 24 hours
Th Open 24 hours
Fr Open 24 hours
Sa Open 24 hours
Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 4976 locations in 50 states and 1792 cities.


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