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Concentra is a leading healthcare company that focuses on improving the health of Americans. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Concentra offers urgent care, occupational medicine, wellness services, and physical therapy through affiliated clinicians from more than 300 centers located in  42 US states. In addition to the medical centers, the company also serves employers by offering a range of health advisory services that operate in 240 worksite medical facilities. 

History of Concentra

The predecessor of Concentra was inaugurated when an occupational wellness center was opened by three doctors in Amarillo, Texas. They implemented the same occupational health standard to the next location in Garland, Texas, in the year 1985. Under the management of OccuCenters Inc., this network of medical centers grew between 1985 and 1997. 

Concentra Managed Care was formed in 1997 when OccuCenters Inc. merged with CRA Managed Care Inc. By 1999, its assets were privatized, and the group replaced its name with Concentra that incorporated in 2001. Later on, their expansion period followed as Concentra kept growing to include healthcare businesses like case management, bill review, independent examinations, and PPO networks.

Concentra's urgent care initiative was launched in 2007 to match the demand for cost-effective hospital accident room options for non-emergency situations. In 2010, the acquisition of Concentra for $790 million was announced by Humana Inc. The new owner announced the sale of stock to a joint venture between Select Medical and Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe for $1.05 billion in June 2015.

Business Directions

Concentra has been the reliable provider of outsourced and specific cost management assistance in four healthcare areas, i.e., professional health, worker's benefit, group health, and auto liability. The firm has a national healthcare center network to provide services at the employer locations offering insurance partnerships, group wellness plans, and support to healthcare payers.

Concentra has distributed its processes into three principal business divisions. Physical therapy, procedures for work-related injuries and illnesses are administered by the health segment in its centers located all over the country. This segment also gives pharmacy assistance, drug, and liquor testing.

The care management services section manages any prolonged cases, planning medical checkups and giving case management to analyze and fix difficult issues. Finally, the network services division examines the consumer cost by reviewing the medical bills and negotiating lower fees for the possible repricing.


Concentra has remained a leading healthcare company providing health improvement solutions and focuses on physical therapy, occupational health, and urgent care. Through the complement of services, Concentra is aimed to raise the standard of health by putting the people first, focusing on their ongoing wellness, and offering them treatment with clinical excellence.


When was Concentra founded?

Concentra was founded in 1979 and has been dedicated to patient-centered care throughout its operations. The number of its affiliated physicians is more than 1,000 locations and has around 1,300 physical therapists.

Is Concentra operating in all the US states?

Primarily, the Concentra locations can be found across the US Eastern seaboard, but you will be able to find its clinics in almost every state, besides some states in Pacific Northwest as well as Northern states.

Is Concentra a privately owned company?

Concentra is a privately held organization that manages a country-wide chain of occupational healthcare centers serving around 136,000 employer locations.

Locations: 330 locations in 43 states and 231 cities.


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