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What the company is doing

Costco, or Costco Wholesale Corporation full, is an American discount store provider. Its stores are called warehouse clubs and wholesalers' clubs, where vast volumes of products are sold to club members paying a yearly membership fee at highly discounted rates. Costco is one of the world's biggest retailers. In Issaquah, Washington, Costco is located.

The history of the brand

The history of Costco started on the Morena Boulevard in San Diego, California, with Sol Price and his son Robert, who introduced a new concept - a discount warehouse club. And the first Price Club warehouse appeared on June 12, 1976. In old hangars previously owned by Howard Hughes, the Price Club Warehouse #1 family was placed. That warehouse is still in operation today, now known as Costco Warehouse #401.

Business directions

Costco operates according to a "subscription business model," which says that consumers who wish to shop at the shop must purchase a membership to do so. Memberships of $60 a year (as of October 2020) provides lower wholesale rates to consumers for goods. However, Costco was not the first organization to adopt such a business model. Newspapers, gymnastics, and telecommunications firms are now making profits from a subscription.
However, since its consumers are not subscribing to products but pay for a service, Costco varies from other subscription-based firms. Costco's ability to make full-scale savings possible by purchasing vast volumes of products at low rates allows them to sell back to consumers for less.

Services are immaterial, as opposed to goods. So, there must be a certain degree of faith in the service to make it valuable. And consumers know the discount program is worth the annual subscription fee with 91 percent renewals in the U.S. and Canada and 88 percent globally.

Key facts about the company

While Craig Jelinek, present Costco's CEO, says he never even touches pizza, the super big, crispy slices have become a favored cult favorite for the American. Nobody really thinks Costco is a "pizza chain," but it's one of the largest pizza sellers in the world. It has more than 400 stores in the United States, all (except a couple) of them have food courts.

Costco is known for its high salaries earned by its workers. The high wages of Costco are just as illogical as they sound and are part of its cost-saving strategy. Employees are more productive and less likely to give up because they earn a decent salary.
The turnover of staff is an immense business expense. Between short-staff and the related costs of hiring and educating new workers, it can cost an organization an employee's annual salary to substitute them. By taking advantage of some of the benefits, a worker will less likely want to leave his jobs, and Costco can decrease the turnover of an employee and save money.

Mission and vision

Costco is committed to supplying its members with quality products and services at the lowest possible price. This is a straightforward but significant job. Cosco is conducting its business with the following Code of Ethics in mind to accomplish its mission: obey the law and care about your members.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 10:00 - 19:00
Tu 10:00 - 19:00
We 10:00 - 19:00
Th 10:00 - 19:00
Fr 10:00 - 19:00
Sa Closed
Su Closed

Locations: 1644 locations in 47 states and 483 cities.


  • Supermarkets & Super Stores
  • Consumer Electronics


  • curbside pickup
  • accepts credit cards

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