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DaVita Inc. is a leading healthcare company in the United States that provides medical care to patients, focusing on kidney dialysis. The company has offices in America and ten other countries worldwide. There are two divisions of DaVita: U.S. Dialysis and Related Lab Services.

The dialysis unit provides medical care to patients with chronic kidney diseases. DaVita's goal is to improve the life of patients all across the world. They provide medical services at 2816 dialysis centers for 204,000 outpatients in the U.S.A and 321 centers in other countries treating 3,200 patients. The head office of the company is located in Denver, U.S.A.

DaVita's History

The establishment of DaVita started in 1979 with the creation of Medical Ambulatory Care, Inc., founded as a branch of National Medical Enterprises. Later in 1994, DLJ Merchant Banking Partners bought 70% of the company's shares for $75.5 million and changed its name to Total Renal Care Holdings, Inc.

In the late 90s, when the company was not doing well and was at the edge of bankruptcy Kent Thiry became the CEO. Under his leadership, the company experienced rapid growth. Later, Thiry sold non-U.S assets and renamed the company DaVita, meaning "to give life" and took the company to the new heights of success.

Business Directions

DaVita offers medical care to outpatients with kidney failure. The primary service of DaVita is to treat patients with end-stage renal disease. In this disease, the patient has to undergo dialysis three times a week throughout their life unless they receive a kidney from a donor. DaVita is also working on clinical research, pharmacy and disease management services, and wide-ranging health care services.

DaVita is a global leader in extensive patient care and innovations. The company is providing quality patient care services at different locations in the United States and in numerous locations globally. The non-U.S locations where DaVita is operating are China, India, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Key Points

  • There are 55,000 teammates of DaVita in the United States.
  • More than 200,000 patients receive health care in the dialysis centers.
  • The operating hours at DaVita vary from location to location, but from Monday to Saturday, the general outline is from 7 am to 5 pm.
  • The teammates and partners of DaVita have been doing volunteer work for more than 180,000 hours since 2006.


DaVita is working to improve patient care quality and create the biggest health care community on this planet. They are a leading organization in medical care and clinical research, bringing the best to their patients.


What is the name of the current C.E.O of DaVita?

Javier J. Rodriguez is the CEO of DaVita since June 2019.

What is the key value of DaVita?

According to DaVita, they are a “community first and a company later."

Are there any DaVita's Dialysis centers in countries other than the USA?

Yes, there are ten countries where DaVita is operating. 

Locations: 2590 locations in 48 states and 1460 cities.


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