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For many people, eyeglasses have become an essential part of their lives. They wear them not only because they have some vision problems; nowadays, eyeglasses are one of the crucial parts of the look. That is why sometimes people face one problem – where to buy high-quality eyeglasses at budget-friendly prices? In the United States, there is only one place where you can do it – Eyeglass World.

For the glasses industry, Eyeglass World is not a new name. The first shop was established at the end of the 1980s in Georgia. Since that time, Eyeglass World has opened more than 100 locations across all the United States territory. Eyeglass World is not an independent company – it is a part of National Vision (one of the most prominent ocular organizations in the US).

The assortment of Eyeglass World includes everything related to people’s vision. Here, you can buy sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and protective eyewear. Besides, in some stores, you can examine your eyes. Below, we will give you detailed information about each position.

All the Eyeglass World shops offer a great variety of eye- and sunglasses. They are divided into several categories. The first category is the age – here, you can buy glasses for adults and children. From this category, the second comes – gender. The Eyeglass Stores offer a lot of different glasses models for both women and men. The third category comprises the materials from which the glasses are made. Here, you can choose the glasses made from plastic or metal, plus you can select the type of lens (polycarbonate or basic plastic, for example). The other categories include glasses type, color, and shape. And the last category (maybe, one of the important ones) is the prices. In Eyeglass World, the prices vary – the glasses can cost from $100 to $200. Eyeglass World has a special offer for all the customers – if you buy two pairs of glasses, they will cost you only $78. 

Now, let’s say some words about the brands. In Eyeglass World, the brands’ assortment is very rich. Vera Bradley, Ray-Ban, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Coach, Swarovski, Pepe Jeans – it is only a tiny part of the brands presented in Eyeglass World.

As we have mentioned before, Eyeglass World also has an extensive choice of contact lenses. The list of brands is also very extended – SofLens, Biofinity, FreshLook, Acuvue, BioTrue, etc. Additionally, the optical retailer introduces special lenses offers as Natural Eyes lenses worth $27.99.

Eyeglass World also offers a contact lens subscription service, which provides quarterly lens’ shipping at a low every monthly payment.

There is one more important service of Eyeglass World that we need to discuss – it is eye and contact lens examination. This procedure aims not only to examine your eyes for visual impairment but also to quickly define the eye illnesses even in the early stages. If you want to get your eyes tested, you can enter the official Eyeglass World website and choose the location and date where you want to have it.   

Locations: 106 locations in 25 states and 94 cities.


Parking: Private Lot

Price Range: Below Average

Cuisines: Fast Food, Diner, Ice Cream, Cafe, Donuts, Dessert, Pastries


  • Optical Goods
  • Opticians
  • Eyeglasses


  • accepts credit cards
  • wheelchair accessible
  • offers takeout
  • bike parking
  • accepts google pay
  • good for kids
  • good for family
  • great value
  • good service
  • casual
  • caters
  • breakfast food
  • donuts
  • authentic
  • quiet

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