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Finish Line, Inc. is a retail chain that sells athletic apparel, shoes, and accessories. It operates 660 stores that are located in 47 states in America and Puerto Rico. Most of these stores are typically found in shopping malls and company-branded departments in Macy’s stores. 

History of the brand 

Finish Line was founded by three friends – Alan Cohen, John Domont, and David Klapper – in 1976. The idea was to have a store that stocked the greatest and latest athletic footwear. 

Klapper and Cohen were the first two people to implement the idea. They decided to start the athletic footwear business in Indianapolis but soon discovered that it already existed. They changed their initial plant and decided to buy franchise rights to The Athlete’s Foot (TAF) and established a TAF store in downtown Indianapolis in 1976. 

After serving under the terms of the agreement for about 5 years, the duo felt that they needed a change. They felt constrained to the company’s decisions and decided to start their own business. They then brought in John Domont and set up Finish Line. 

Finish Line differentiated itself from other stores by offering a larger floor space and providing more than just shoes. It also included accessories and sports apparel in its stores. This allowed it to serve a broader market and the company was able to grow to 105 stores by 1991. Sales had accumulated to $98 million that year, and the three partners decided to take the company public. 

By 1994, the three friends had opened 164 stores under the Finish Line brand. These were located in 22 states and were continuously growing bigger in size. During the market downturn that took place in the years 1997-99, Finnish Line still fared quite well when compared to its competitors. 

It opened its 200th store in 1995 and recorded its first online sale in 1999. In 2003, Finish Line got a boost in business from its wider allocation of best-selling Nike footwear. This was fueled by the spat between Foot Locker and Nike. 

Business Directions

Finish Line gets up to 70% of its total revenue from the sale of footwear. Athletic apparel and accessories make up the remainder of the revenues. Some of the brand names that Finish Line stocks include Adidas, Nike, K-Swiss, New Balance, Asics, Saucony, Timberland, Phat Farm, and Reebok. 

Key Facts

Today, Finish Line operates more than 600 mall-based outlets in 47 states in America. The average size of its stores is 5,000 square feet. This is substantially larger floor space than most of the company’s competitors. The store also allows for a wider selection of merchandise mix.  


If you’re ever in need of some cool sneakers, Finish Line has the best options for men, women, and kids. Its wide selection of apparel, shoes, and accessories features the hottest new styles. Whether you’re looking for something to wear for a game or just looking to revamp your style, Finish Line has got you. You’ll find the biggest and most fashionable brand names including Adidas, Skechers, Fila, Jordan, and Puma. These brands feature your favorite fan gear, sweatshirts, shorts, and all other active apparel.

Locations: 555 locations in 44 states and 421 cities.


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