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Giant is a petroleum refinery company that develops at a rapid pace. It’s placed in the southwest of the US and manages in the region of Four Corners (consists of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico). With a head office in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company is dedicated to refining and market activities operating two oil refineries in Gallup and Bloomfield, New Mexico. It also provides an option of raw oil collecting with a conduit of around 340 miles. Giant operates a transportation organization with a motor pool of 90 pickups, which bring raw and finished oil items to the filling points in the region of Four Corners. There are Giant 56 corner shops/filling points in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, with one of the most magnificent, ultra-modern Travel Centers in Gallup. Recently Giant stations have changed their name, and now they're known as Speedway.

The Giant story began in 1961 with a 21-year-old, ambitious James A. Acridge. He rented a little petrol point in Glendale, Arizona, and altered its name from Richfield Oil to Atlantic Richfield. In four years, he rented the other gas point in southern Phoenix, and that time it had its own brand name, Giant. This filling point was bigger than the first one - it had three islands, nine pumps, and it received supplies from Shell Oil Company. One year on, he got a new petrol point that pumped over 60,000 gallons monthly. In the field of large petrol companies, Giant appeared only in 1968 after James A. Acridge bought a little petrol point in Phoenix and set the first signboard of the self-catering gas station. Giant officially became a complete organization in 1969 and it quickly turned into the top self-catering filling point of Arizona. 

To be successful in the gas segment, Giant follows the next six principles - unbeaten excellence of services; reactive and helpful management; modern and professional team wholly devoted to the work; sincere and honorable conduct; smart and constructive supplies usage; security in every action.

As a part of the strategy, Giant offers several reward programs for its clients - the Gas Rewards project and the Fuel Rewards. Thanks to the first program, the Giant's customers who have cards can save to $1,50 per gallon on fuel at Giant and Shell filling stations. The second prize program allows getting and exchanging the points from both reward programs for getting a discount exceeded $1.50/gallon. You can use the scores received from both Giant prize projects only once, and they're restricted to 20 gallons of fuel per buy per vehicle. All Fuel Rewards project participants automatically have the Instant Golden Status that allows them to save at the minimum of five cents per gallon on every fill-up to 20 gallons with any Shell fuel grade. To take part in the Fuel Rewards project, you have to create an account in the Giant online platform or enter the link at profile. After you once connect, you can monitor the combined savings via your account on the Giant platform.

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Locations: 213 locations in 27 states and 146 cities.


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