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Are you looking for the furnishing or accessories that will suit any home style? You're in the right place. In HomeGoods stores, you can find the best home goods of various styles and meet the value you won't find in other places.

HomeGoods is a well-known store chain that sells different stuff for your home - furniture, linens, items for cooking, lighting, bathroom appliances, art, and other home products. In HomeGoods stores, you can also buy decor and toys for your children, pet and decor for the season. As for 2014, the company runs 487 locations in the US and Puerto Rico. In Europe, HomeGoods is known as HomeSense.

The territory of each HomeGoods store is different - it depends on where it's located. If you see HomeGoods, Marshalls, and T.J.Maxx shops in one building, don't be surprised - Homegoods is a part of T.J.Maxx, and sometimes these three stores can be combined in one location.

Besides, the shops of HomeGoods are spacious - there are no barriers between the sections, so it's easy to walk around the store and choose everything you like.

When it comes to the price policy, here, you should know that HomeGoods is an off-price store. What does it mean? It means that all items have low prices that are usually 20-60% lower than in the department and specialty stores every day. That's why in HomeGoods you don't need to look for any sales and discounts.

The HomeGoods assortment is various - it includes items of leading trademarks and designers from all over the world. Their stores can offer you goods with a range of colors, designs, and materials. If you look for uniqueness, the stores can provide you with specially made goods for HomeGoods.

 The other great thing is the continuous updating of the assortment - the shops receive new deliveries several times a week. And this delivering always includes lots and lots of products. This peculiarity very differs HomeGoods from other big merchants that book items six to nine months in advance and only four times per year. So if you look for the super exclusive things, which nobody will have, welcome to the HomeGoods stores (the experts recommend you do it on weekdays, early afternoon, or late morning when the stores are not so crowded).

Here's the last thing about the assortment - the items' amount of each trademark ranges - sometimes you can find many products of some brand, and sometimes not. As for the newness, a significant part of the items is present-day. The products of the previous season contain a tiny percentage.

In case you want to buy something in HomeGoods online, we should disappoint you - unfortunately, the company doesn't have the service of online selling yet. (Its launching is planned for 2021). Instead, there's a mobile app (known as The Goods) where you can choose the nearest store for you and see what updates it receives. This app also enhances to see what other customers buy in HomeGoods.

Locations: 399 locations in 44 states and 352 cities.


Parking: Lot


  • Home Decor
  • Home Furnishings


  • accepts credit cards

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