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IKEA is more than a brand. It’s a community of passionate professionals who are constantly looking to launch their next awe-inspiring home furniture and decor ideas. IKEA is a Swedish home furniture brand that delights everyday life by projecting a creative vibe to its outstanding designs. Excellence and Scandinavian minimalism make a perfect combination in IKEA. The brand’s rich Scandinavian cultural heritage instills a sense of unity, down-to-earth values, and team spirit. 

IKEA Roots

The first-ever IKEA store was inaugurated in1958 in Almhult, Sweden, and soon the brand expanded to almost every continent. The mere expansion of the brand is a testament to its success. As of now, IKEA holds around 456 stores, 274 of which are located in Europe. Germany tops the list for having the most IKEA stores, having 53 locations around the country. The latest IKEA store was opened in Meiszka, Poland. 

History of IKEA

IKEA is more than a brand name, it’s a lifestyle, and it has been like this since the inception, which is the accurate measure of its success. Ikvar Kampar laid down the foundation of the multinational retail brand. In his early days, Ikvar, a passionate boy of Swedish-German origin, set off to venture into the business world. He started selling matches at the tender age of 5 and slowly experimented with other everyday equipment. IKEA name includes IK from Ikvar, also E from his family farm Elmtaryd and A from his childhood village Agunnaryd. 

IKEA owes a lot of its success to its very first opening at the Almhult branch. The brand flaunts its origins by branding itself in the colors of the Swedish flag, blue and yellow. For 70 years, IKEA has produced functional, affordable, and unique designs that help make everyday life easier. With a fair share of failures and successes, IKEA has developed its furniture that reflects the latest trends. 

Today you can walk into any IKEA store and find yourself the best home furniture, from smart home equipment to large furniture pieces like kitchens, and everything you need for your home, from glasses to bedsheets. 

Operating Hours 

The operating hours are regular from morning till late evening.


What is IKEA Famous For? 

IKEA is a home furnishing brand that is popular for its convenient and affordable everyday items offered at low prices. 

Where is IKEA furniture made? 

IKEA is a huge multinational brand spread across several different regions. The designing process of the furniture typically takes place in Sweden. The actual manufacturing process is carried out in China, Myanmar, Malaysia, and parts of Eastern Europe. 

Where is the biggest IKEA in the world? 

The largest IKEA outlet is scheduled to open up in the Philippines’ fourth quarter of 2021.


IKEA is a brand that sets a standard of living for everyone. With IKEA, everyday lives are made easy enough to enjoy the little things. It has proven to be a brand that is the most convenient budget-friendly solution for every style and living situation.  

Typical Hours of Operation

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Locations: 56 locations in 24 states and 50 cities.


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