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Why do we like supermarkets? Firstly, we like them for their quick service. Secondly, they offer a great variety of products of different brands. In America, there are a lot of supermarket chains that combine these two features. And Ingles Markets belongs to them.

Ingles Markets is one of the famous American brands with over 50-year history. It all started with Robert P. Ingle. Since his childhood, he had been helping his family with their food business. One day he offered his father to expand, but he refused. That is why Robert P. Ingle decided to start the business on his own – at the beginning of the 1960s, he opened the doors of the first Ingles Markets in his native town – Asheville, North Carolina. Since the business succeeded and new Ingles Markets locations appeared and appeared, it became necessary to establish a shipping center. And Robert P. Ingles did it. In the late 1970s, he launched such a center that quickly delivered the products to the shops in North Carolina and nearby states.

Now, knowing the history, what is Ingles Markets today? It is a well-known chain of supermarkets with around 200 locations, mostly in the Southeastern part of the United States. Besides supermarkets, the company is also engaged in other businesses – it runs the plant of milk processing and shopping centers and the gas stations.

As the customer, you wonder what products you can buy in Ingles Markets. The shops offer a great range of various goods. Firstly, the food. In Ingles Markets, you can purchase various high-quality foods (vegetables, meat, bakery, frozen food, etc.). Also, Ingles Markets have special sections with prepared food and different kinds of delicacies. As for the brands, here, the company has something for you to offer. Besides the famous, recognized brands, Ingles Markets suggests food of its own brands such as Laura Lynn, Ingles Best, and Harvest Farms.

Ingles Markets sells not only groceries. In Ingles Markets shops, you will also find healthcare products, items for beauty, and other stuff. In addition, Ingles Markets operates over 100 pharmacies where you can buy medicines and get vaccinated against Covid-19. 

Like other supermarket lines, Ingles Markets has loyalty programs that allow the customers to get bonuses and discounts on products. If you want to have the bonuses or make some savings, you need to get an Ingles Advantage card. How does it work? All the products that take part in this program have a tag with the Advantage card image. This tag indicates that these products come with discounts. The great prom of the Ingles Advantage card is that it works on all products that Ingles Markets offers – food, fuel, medicines, and others.

Earning discounts and rewards is not the only thing that you can do with the Ingles Advantage card. You can also use it for charity. For example, by using the card, you can also donate some equipment for the program “Tools for Schools” or give money to children who get a college education.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 6:00 - 23:00
Tu 6:00 - 23:00
We 6:00 - 23:00
Th 6:00 - 23:00
Fr 6:00 - 23:00
Sa 6:00 - 23:00
Su 6:00 - 23:00

Locations: 180 locations in 27 states and 135 cities.


  • Gas Stations
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets & Super Stores
  • Grocery Stores

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