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Jiffy Lube is leading in delivering proactive car care and repair. Jiffy Lube is one of the largest chains of car repair centers around the country and provides various facilities including oil changes and tire rotations.

Jiffy Lube technicians have the expertise required to conduct proactive maintenance and communicate with consumers like a pro. So, whether you do have any concerns about vehicle repairs, the mechanic will be able to assist you with locating the tools and knowledge you are after. If it's in-store, online, or through using the vehicle manufacturer's advice. Jiffy Lube strives each and every day to make the car work smoothly and effectively.


For over 35 years, Jiffy Lube has worked to deliver a creative quick-lube service. We are the pioneer of the first drive-through service bay, which was first built in 1979. We have added a sticker to indicate the next time for your planned oil shift. Jiffy Lube has created a national website that helps you to fly to every Jiffy Lube location while preserving your service records.

Still Going Ahead

Jiffy Lube has more than 20 million users per year, supplying multiple consumers with repair facilities. We sustain our supremacy in the industry by constantly strengthening and developing activities, while also extending our service offerings to further help you Leave Worry Behind® before, after, and after each visit.

Local and Global

The Jiffy Lube based in Houston is a division of the Shell Oil Group. Jiffy Lube is a fully franchised company. So despite being a national conglomerate, each division of the chain is a community-owned enterprise.


Jiffy Lube acknowledges that car owners sometimes feel guilt over maintaining their vehicle in top condition. Above all, we think you deserve love and trust. It's our mission to be your preventive maintenance provider for the long run, committed to delivering the best service for your vehicle, and still partnering with you to keep up-to-date on regular vehicle maintenance so you can Leave Concern Behind.

The hardware to prove it

We are delighted to be honored as winners of some of the most vehement judges in the business. Jiffy Lube is an ASE-accredited training provider and has received accreditation from the American Council for Education. Franchise Jiffy Lube is one of only a few firms to award college credits that are recognized by ACE. The most recent honors include:.

  • Ranked as #1 in Training magazine's 2014 Top 125, Training magazine's annual list of organizations' overall performance in training and growth systems.
  • Listed third in Entrepreneur Magazine's 2013 Franchise 500® list.
  • Listed as the 4th best teaching organization in the Learning Elite, CLO magazine's annual list of innovative training firms.
  • Rated #1 for a best foreign training curriculum from the American Society of Training and Development.


Jiffy Lube aims to offer the highest level of quality to each customer, and to do this they choose the finest technicians possible. The Jiffy Lube workers are not just the average technicians. Any Jiffy Lube service center employee is expected to complete Jiffy Lube University℠, a prestigious educational curriculum that represents the pinnacle of automotive industry training.

Jiffy Lube University incorporates state-of-the-art computer-based coaching with on-the-job experience to improve the expertise of Jiffy Lube technicians. Jiffy Lube takes great pride in their technicians who have specialized qualifications who are able to repair my engine. And you'll have one less problem to reflect on.

The Jiffy Lube training program is equivalent to every other training program and is thus approved by the American Council on Accreditation. And because Jiffy Lube is committed to delivering the best possible experience, it received the American Society for Training and Development's Best Prize.

It doesn't only end with oil adjustments that Jiffy Lube's technicians are specialized in. When they're making sure you know both why and what preventive maintenance is being done on your car, in most cases Jiffy Lube technicians rely on the same details and vehicle vendor instructions that are used by your supplier.

You should be assured that any vehicle going into the Jiffy Lube is protected by the Jiffy Lube Pledge. Meaning no matter which of the 20,000 Jiffy Lube technicians you have happily doing preventive maintenance on your bike, you know you'll get the same professionally qualified standard and care these dedicated auto mechanics will provide on their own trip.

Vehicle Maintenance Services

These guidelines are designed to get you the right car for you in a variety of ways. A quick web login function helps the customer to know their vehicle's history and when their next service is due.

Oil adjustments are important to maintain a vehicle running correctly, so in order for the vehicle to run smoothly, each part of the vehicle must run well. Jiffy Lube repair centers hire trained technicians to provide proactive maintenance programs, which are usually in-line with the dealership's guidelines.

Jiffy Lube sponsorships 

Jiffy Lube Helps Local Groups

By sponsorship and financing, we contribute to societies through gifts and encouragement.

The MDA Student Summer Camp Sponsor Day

Jiffy Lube So Cal Co-Op funds the Muscular Dystrophy Association by funding (MDA). Every year, the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation holds a summer camp for children diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. MDA offers thousands of children with muscular dystrophy and associated muscle-debilitating conditions “the best week of the year.” In MDA Summer Camp, children are living without boundaries in a place where everything is possible. Every week is open to hundreds of events including horseback riding, swimming and fishing, and establishing lifetime friendships. Each year, the Jiffy Lube So Cal Co-Op does its part by offering financial assistance at the Summer Camp. Jiffy Lube franchisees had the ability to connect with the children they helped bring to school for the annual holiday, recognized as “the best week of the year.

Boston Advisory Company at the LA Food Bank

The Los Angeles Area Food Bank was visited by Alamitos Lube, a locally owned and run Jiffy Lube So Cal franchise, to sort and pack food for families in need. The team raised 7,688 pounds of food, enough for 6,381 meals for families living in Los Angeles!

Ronald McDonald Walk-A-Thon

Jiffy Lube So Cal was delighted to work with Ronald McDonald House to assist the vulnerable youth. Hundreds of families joined in the walk to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the spirit of supporting others. Jiffy Lube came out to the event to demonstrate their empathy and support for those impacted by the disaster. 100% of the funds raised were used by families of chronically sick children in the region.

Backpacks to Education

Last summer, Jiffy Lube helped out at a Family Foothill Facilities El Monte place where people came to pick up their backpacks. Planned children's games such as face painting, bookmark drawing, and mailing thank you notes were accessible. The children had a good time giving thank you notes to the Jiffy Lube volunteers and writing to others who have helped with the program.

Career week

The Jiffy Lube business group values its local neighborhoods. Robert Curry, CEO of Jiffy Lube, recently spoke at the Salesian High School Career Fair to give students information about their career opportunities. Robert Curry spent a lot of time explaining to the students about how to launch a business and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

Display yer stripes

Jiffy Lube stores all over Los Angeles are proud to be part of the Show Your Stripes campaign to encourage blood donation. The goal of the Show your Stripes initiative is, “to generate awareness around the issue of veteran unemployment, encourage businesses to hire skilled veterans, and help those transitioning out of the military find jobs.” We are looking to hire veterans in our Southern California locations.

Children's Bureau

Jiffy Lube worked forward to help protect children through their creation of the greater sharing initiative. The goal of the initiative was to raise awareness of child violence and increase conversations about it. We contributed ten thousand dollars for printing costs, and hope by continuing to support the cause we will encourage more people to volunteer, contribute or even share suggestions about how to engage in child violence prevention.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 8:00 - 19:00
Tu 8:00 - 19:00
We 8:00 - 19:00
Th 8:00 - 19:00
Fr 8:00 - 19:00
Sa 8:00 - 19:00
Su 9:00 - 18:00

Locations: 1857 locations in 51 states and 1063 cities.


  • Auto Oil & Lube
  • Auto Repair & Service
  • Wheels-Aligning & Balancing
  • Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment-Service & Repair
  • Automotive Tune Up Service

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