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Kangaroo Express is a network of convenience stores operating at multiple locations throughout the United States. It provides a broad range of services 24/7 including gas and petrol, diesel, public restrooms, ATMs, coffee, roller grills, beverages, and fresh foods, everything that is necessary to the people on the go.

Kangaroo Express was a brand of The Pantry Inc. with 1500+ stores operating in the United States and headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. Kangaroo Express was acquired by Alimentation Couche-Tard in 2015.

History of Kangaroo Express

In 1967 Truby Proctor Jr. and Sam Wornom established The Pantry Inc. The company operated the largest network of independent convenience stores in the United States under the name of Kangaroo Express and mainly served the southeastern American region.

In 2014 Alimentation Couche-Tard (ACT), a Canadian convenience store enterprise that controls brands like Circle-K, Couche-Tard, and Macs, announced that it wanted to buy the Pantry to increase its presence in the southeastern region. ACT is the second significant company worldwide in the convenience store industry niche, with 14,000+ stores operating in different countries across the globe.

In 2015, ACT acquired Pantry Inc. for $860 million. Most of the Kangaroo Express stores were renamed under the brand Circle-K while some were reserved to be sold publicly to build the foundation of the Kangaroo Express Franchise program.

Business Direction of Kangaroo Express

Under the banner of Circle-K, ACT wants to create a global brand of convenience stores throughout the world by rebranding Couche-Tard (Canada), Macs (Europe), and Kangaroo Express (America) under the name of Circe-K.

Kangaroo Express stores offer pretty much everything someone may need during the day. People on the go, family travelers, workers, or leisure travelers can find everything they might need, such as coffee, beverages, meals, car tool kits, first aid boxes, gas, diesel, or cash wash services at the Kangaroo Express locations. Just make one stop, and you will be all set for the day.

Moreover, through the Kangaroo Express Franchise program, the entrepreneurs and other business holders can work with Kangaroo Express stores and customize their locations according to their customers.

Key Facts:

  • ¬†Kangaroo Express stores are now operating under the name of Circle-K throughout the world.
  • The parent company of Kangaroo Express is 2nd top convenience store company globally.
  • Kangaroo Express locations are open 24/7.
  • Kangaroo Express franchise program allows qualified professionals and entrepreneurs to buy the stores.


Kangaroo Express stores supply people with the necessities needed to survive during the day. Whether you are traveling, at work, or home, drop by and gear up if you need something.


Who is the owner of Kangaroo Express?

Kangaroo Express is owned by a Canadian company name Alimentation Couche-Tard. It also controls other similar brands such as Circle-K, Mac, and Couche-Tard.

Are Kangaroo Express and K-Circle different companies?

Both the companies are controlled by ACT Company; in 2015, ACT announced that all the stores under ATC Company would be rebranded as K-circle globally.

Can we buy a Kangaroo Express store?

You can buy a Kangaroo Express store via the Franchise program at some places in the United States.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo Open 24 hours
Tu Open 24 hours
We Open 24 hours
Th Open 24 hours
Fr Open 24 hours
Sa Open 24 hours
Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 245 locations in 28 states and 155 cities.


  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores

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