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Krystal is an American major fast-food restaurant chain that has been offering small, fresh and square hamburgers to its customers since 1932. Most of Krystal restaurants are situated in Southeastern areas of the United States, whereas its headquarters are in Dunwoody, Georgia. 

The distinctive product of Krystal is a small square hamburger known as Krystal Burger. 

Krystal is the 2nd oldest fast food restaurant network in the United States. The company has created its own space in the vast universe of fast food and is often compared with its rival, the White Castle.

Around 6500 employees work at 360+ locations of Krystal, and it generates a sale of approximately $400 million annually.

History of Krystal

R.B Davenport, a textile businessman, started the Krystal in 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, during the Great Depression. He got inspiration from the White Castle. The idea behind building this restaurant was to cheer up people by offering hygienic, tasty, and cost-effective hamburgers. People of Chattanooga resonated with his vision and flocked towards this crystal-clean restaurant that provided burgers at skinny prices.

The company started expanding in the upcoming years, and in the 1950s, sweet treats like doughnuts were also introduced for breakfast and dessert. In the 1970s, the company added chicken dishes to its menu.

In 1969 Krystal created a subsidiary named DavCo to manage and operate acquired franchises of other brands. The company bought Wendy’s International Inc. franchises in 1976 and managed them until 2017 when they were repurchased. 

Krystal company also worked on some chains of Po’ Folks restaurant from 1983 to 1988.

Business Direction of Krystal

Krystal is a popular yet distinctive fast-food restaurant company in America. The company offers small square hamburgers, also known as sliders. The products offered by Krystal are unique in taste, wholesome, and hygienic. The company provides numerous fast food products such as hamburgers, chicken, fries, breakfasts, and milkshakes.

The company's signature product is Krystal burger, a steamed, onion flavored square patty that has a tiny size compared to the conventional burger. It became a dish of its own which couldn’t be replicated by rivals.

Key Facts about Krystal

  • Krystal company opened its first drive-through window in 1950.
  • The customers had to wait a total of 218 seconds to get their order via a drive-through.
  • The name Krystal was suggested by Mrs. Davenport when she saw an ornament in the shape of a crystal.
  • Davenport scouted the locations of White Castle before he opened Krystal.
  • Krystal offers a vast menu for breakfast.


Krystal is the 2nd oldest fast food restaurant business in America with a wide variety of fast foods. The company has a unique flavor and a loyal fan following. People love to eat in Krystal’s crystal-clean and comfortable locations.


What is the name of Krystal’s Holding Company?

The parent company of Krystal is Fortress Investment Group, Golden Child Holdings.

Is Krystal the oldest fast-food chain in America?

No. Krystal is the 2nd oldest fast-food company in the United States.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 6:00 - 13:00
Tu 6:00 - 13:00
We 6:00 - 13:00
Th 6:00 - 13:00
Fr 6:00 - 13:00
Sa 6:00 - 13:00
Su 6:00 - 13:00

Locations: 311 locations in 29 states and 207 cities.


  • Fast Food
  • Restaurants


  • curbside pickup
  • accepts credit cards

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