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In 1959, William A. Krause and Tony S. Gentle opened a convenience store that allowed people to purchase both gas and food. At the same time, they brought to life a new set of values. It was about making every day somehow happier and brighter for anyone, which can be achieved by small and great things like keeping the shop perfectly clean, facing each customer like a friend, or contributing money and time to good causes. 

As for now, Kum & Go is still a family-owned company run by the original creators' son and grandson, Kyle J. Krause. g.In 400 stores in 11 states, 5,000 employees are working. The stores provide plenty of beverages and snacks, along with fresh foods to please hurried clients, and a range of high-level fuel products. Nevertheless, that is the human factor that differentiates the company from the others. 

The Kum & Go's have a conceptually straightforward yet practically complicated sustainability system. The company aims for achieving equilibrium in the coexistence of the most important foundations, being people, planet and profit. Operational decisions are focused on their possible effect on the world and the people who reside and work in the company's communities. 

The 10 % of the company's earnings are donated for important causes communities are dealing with. Like a good neighbor, the company gives food to those who need it, provides meals, constructs houses, and offers school funds. The idea behind it is that neighbors are investing in their communities.

Kum & Go belongs to the Krause Group, which is a family of companies containing, among others, real estate and farming activities, solar transport, the soccer team Des Moines Menace and Italian wineries Vietti and Enrico Serafino. 

Solar transport. Drivers employed here are amongst the industry's most skilled, educated and experienced professionals. They are proud of their safe, timely and competent transportation and distribution of refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, ethanol and jet fuel to their clients. 

Des Moines Menace Soccer. This branch is dedicated to delivering a rich, family-friendly amusement experience to their loyal and enthusiastic fan base — Iowa's top standard for female and male soccer. Moreover, their youth programs help spread amusement by providing services for thousands of city resident families.

The Vietti winery was founded in the 19th century and later became one of Piedmont's leading producers of wine while being among the first ones in Italy to introduce their goods to the US. Currently, the Vietti winery, led by the fifth generation of the family, is located in Castiglione Falletto, a tiny and ancient village in the heart of Piemonte's popular wine region (namely, Langhe). The Currado family produces wines that are a special combination of soil and sun, with great care and patience. In 2016 Vietti was bought by the Krause family. 

It is a traditional winery located in the Italian region of Piemonte. The winery was acquired by the Krause Family back in June 2015 with the purpose of wine-growing and vinification of both sparkling and still wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco or Alta Langa.

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Mo Open 24 hours
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We Open 24 hours
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Fr Open 24 hours
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Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 395 locations in 34 states and 178 cities.


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