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Lane Bryant is considered the pioneer women's clothing brand in the plus-one size category. It ultimately believes in creating beautiful maternity-friendly and feminine designs that are available in body sizes including the plus one size as well.

Lane Bryant has been popular among the general American public from the very start. Today, the company has retail stores in all central American States except four states.

The History of the Brand

Lane Bryant was founded back in 1904. It has been more than a century now since the day it started its operations. And over all these years, the company has undoubtedly seen America grow and emerge from difficult times again and again.

The company was founded by the brave Lane Bryant when she lived as a struggling dressmaker in the center of New York with her young son. 

The first-ever dress made by Lane Bryant company was a maternity dress, which was also the first-ever maternity dress in history. This laid down the firm foundation of the Lane Bryant company.

Key facts about Lane Bryant

The company was under the founder’s leadership until Bryant died in 1951. After this, her son took over the company operations. This continued till 1982 when Leslie Wexner acquired the whole Lane Bryant setup. During the control of the Bryant family, the company strengthened its foundations many times.

Getting the business on its foot from the very start, Lane Bryant became more focused on multiple other associated projects. From the very start, Lane Bryant Inc. played a pivotal role in Red Cross aids and during the 1947 Texas City Disaster. 

How many locations do they have?

In America, Lane Bryant Inc. has around 700+ outlets in operations.

What are their shopping hours?

For weekdays, including Saturdays, shopping hours are 10:00 am – 09:00 pm, and on Sundays, shipping hours are 12:00 pm – 06:00 pm.


Are Catherines and Lane Bryant the same?

Both the companies are quite different considering their products range or variety. But what’s interesting to note is that both the companies have the same owner company. Ascena owns both Catherines and Lane Bryant. The company is also the parent company of Ann Inc. 

Can I use my Catherines card at Lane Bryant?

Most of us may find it quite unbelievable, but you can use the Catherines card at a Lane Bryant outlet. As both companies have the same owner, gift cards can be swapped between both brands.

What credit score is needed for Lane Bryant?

The company is quite generous regarding its customer-oriented policies. That’s why the Lane Bryant outlets don’t mention any minimum credit level to qualify for the credit card but a minimum of 580 credits is considered an adequate level to be eligible.


From the very start, Lane Bryant focused on celebrating the female body with its clothing. The line is very popular among women in the United States. The company has also maintained its stature as a leading female-focused clothing retail stores chain for over a century now which is quite impressive. 

Locations: 675 locations in 48 states and 574 cities.


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