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Let's imagine you want to taste dishes in a place that's dedicated to good old traditions. And you do not know where you can do it in the United States. You're lucky – we know such a place. Its name is Logan's Roadhouse.

Despite its young age, Logan's Roadhouse has already become one of the favorite places among Americans. Its adventure started at the beginning of the 1990s in Kentucky. Dave Watchel, a famous restaurant owner, with his partner, had a dream – they wanted to open a café that would offer tasty food, budget-friendly prices, an exclusive dining experience, and an enjoyable atmosphere combined.

They wanted to implement their concept in the American roadhouses style of the 1940s-1950s. For this purpose, they made manually painted frescos and wooden floor, installed a Wurlitzer music player, and created a menu of traditional American stakes. And this strategy appeared to be successful! Soon Logan's Roadhouse restaurant started to expand beyond Kentucky, and in the middle of the 1990s, there were new locations in Tennessee.

Today, Logan's Roadhouse operates over 100 restaurants in more than twenty American states.

So, now we know that Logan's Roadhouse represents a true American tradition. And what is it? It means that Logan's Roadhouse will welcome you, no matter your mood. It means that you can come there in any comfortable clothing for you. It signifies a welcoming atmosphere that you can enjoy with a cold drink, mesquite-grilled steak, or a tasty burger. It means that you can also dance to the sounds of rocking roadhouse music. It is an excellent picture of true American tradition. And you can find it only in Logan's Roadhouse.

When you enter any Logan's Roadhouse location, you'll notice that it's devoted to tradition in every decoration detail. In several restaurants, you'll find some pieces of art or décor inspired by the regional artists. For instance, in Detroit's Logan's Roadhouse, you can see frescos with people who wear Detroit Pistons' shirts.

Now, let's see what we can taste in Logan's Roadhouse. Its calling card is mesquite-grilled stakes made from high-quality grain-fed beef. They're grilled on an open fire on true mesquite wood. It brings to the stake a unique taste that you'll never find in other places. You can also add crispy onion, blue cheese butter and bacon, garlic butter, and other tops to your steak.

If you don't want to eat beef, you can eat very delicious chicken. For you, Logan's Roadhouse offers twisted chicken tenders, buttermilk chicken made in a country style (fried natural chicken breasts with white pepper), teriyaki-glazed chicken, or mesquite-grilled chicken.

Besides, in Logan's Roadhouse, you can also taste various sandwiches and burgers, salads, soups, desserts, drinks, and different appetizers (like spinach and artichoke dip or mozzarella sticks). Moreover, the traditional American restaurant also offers classic roadhouse dishes (such as mesquite-grilled pork chops, country fried steak, or grilled meatloaf), American roadhouse meals (like steak tips, bayou popcorn shrimp, or chopped steak), party packs, family and children menu, nutritional and allergen menu.

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Locations: 123 locations in 24 states and 115 cities.


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