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History of Minit Mart

A father and son`s venture began in 1967 in  Lexington, Kentucky in the United States. The father`s name was Tom Burch, and his son was named David Burch. Minit Mart started out as a small grocery store similar to Seven Eleven but on a smaller scale. It had many locations throughout Kentucky where people could go get whatever they needed at any time of the day or night.

When the convenience store chain expanded into Tennessee in 1980, they were just one small company. But through years of hard work and dedication to their customers' needs-not only did this business grow exponentially but so too did their reach across multiple states!

After almost 30 years they grew up to open 225 stores and in 2018 Travel Centers of America sold Minit Mart locations to EG Group.

Who are EG Group?

EG Group is the world's leading airport retail and convenience operator with over 1,300 airport convenience stores worldwide in 33 countries. They have many daily purchase opportunities like gas stations, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, etc. They are more than excited to expand their business into more of your communities!

How many locations does Minit Mart have?

Minit Mart company has approximately 250 retail locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. But they are rapidly expanding their business to reach all four corners of this great country! As well as looking into other countries outside the US for growth opportunities.

Minit Mart concept

Minit Mart`s convenience stores are typically located at busy intersections or other high-traffic areas. Their stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Their main focus is to provide you with "accelerated service" from the moment you walk through the front door of their store! They offer a large variety of items that appeal to a broad base of customers-from soda fountain drinks to quarts of milk and everything in between!

What can people find in Minit Mart?

Typically, you will find soda fountain machines along the back wall where you can also find fresh-brewed coffee beans for your morning beverage. In addition, there are always basic grocery items such as crackers, candy bars, cookies, potato chips, and many other food items.

Many convenience store chains offer gas; but Minit Mart company offers their customers the option to choose between 3 different types of fuel-unleaded gasoline, unleaded plus gasoline or premium gasoline.

Minit Mart brands

This company offers such brands as TomThumb, Fastrac, Minit Mart, Toot'n Totum, Kwik Shop, and Quik Mart. They also offer a variety of items such as racing fuel, diesel fuel, race track food stands, and much more! These brands along with many other items are available for purchase on their website.


Where can people find Minit Mart?

Minit Mart stores are located throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. They have a store near you!

What is the price range of items at Minit Mart?

Item prices will depend on the size and type of package that you purchase. For example, a gallon of milk will be much more expensive than a single-serving box of cereal. But to give you an idea-a gallon of milk averages around $3-$4 USD while a box of cereal is closer to $1 USD. A 20 oz soda from their fountain machine is priced between $0.75-$1 USD depending on what brand you choose to buy. Iced coffee cost roughly $1-$2 USD.

What are their hours of operation?

As Minit Mart stores are open 24/7, there aren't typical "hours of operation" that you would see at other retailers. But typically they have shorter operating times on certain holidays. For example, New Year's Eve and Memorial Day weekend their hours of operation can be as short as 5 or 6 hours long. Christmas time is another popular holiday where many convenience stores are not open-including the Minit Mart company.

What types of payment do they accept?

Minit Mart accepts cash, check credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx), EBT Card, WIC Nutrition Program Checks, and Buyers' Club cards. They also offer a toll-free customer service phone.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo Open 24 hours
Tu Open 24 hours
We Open 24 hours
Th Open 24 hours
Fr Open 24 hours
Sa Open 24 hours
Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 296 locations in 36 states and 187 cities.


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