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Modell's Sporting Goods was a retail company specializing in sports goods located in the USA's north-east. Both sports inventory and clothing were available in their shops. By 2018, Modell's owned over 150 stores across 10 states and the Columbia district. In 2015 revenues of around $765 million were registered. Sales totaling $538 million in 2019 consisted of retail and internet sales, 96% and 4% correspondingly. The company had a slogan, "Gotta Go To Mo's." Retail Ecommerce Ventures purchased both the brand name and the website after Modell's bankruptcy was declared in 2020.

Originally the chain was founded by Morris A. Modell in Manhattan as a single shop in 1899 placed it among the US's sporting goods retail stores. Its founder, Modell, was Jewish, whose family originated from Hungary. His brother George founded the Modell pawnshop chain in 1993, but companies operated independently from each other.

Over the years, it has stayed a family company that has extended over four generations. While Modell's was known best as a business selling sporting goods, from the mid-1950s until 1989, Modell was also managing a chain of discount stores in New York, known as "Modell's Shopper' s World." It was partly because of fierce competition arising at the retail discount market that the business chose to concentrate on its retail operations.

At the beginning of the XXIth century, the company encountered a decrease in sales, which the owner explained by increasing competition, weak results in professional sports, and climate changes. Modell lent $6.7 million in May 2019 to prevent bankruptcy; later on, in February 2020, the company made public its intention to close 24 shops. Despite that, in March 2020, the bankruptcy was announced with the remaining 134 stores' demolition. By the of August, all the Modell's stores were closed.

By 4 August 2020, Hilco Streambank reported that the bankrupted company's intellectual property, clients' data and commercial jingles were be auctioned. It had also set the initial bid at $1.965 million. Finally, Modell's was bought by REV (Retail Ecommerce Ventures), a company founded by Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. By the 14 August 2020, REV officially owned Modell's name (both brand and domain), trademarks as well as its jingle.


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Locations: 115 locations in 13 states and 80 cities.


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