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The National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) was founded in 1925 and has become a major wholesale company selling automotive repair parts, components and service products to consumers in the United States and Canada.

The Auto Parts stores reach over 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts outlets in the United States. There are 1,142 NAPA car stores out there under co-ownership, but there a handful that are relatively separately owned. There are over 15,000 NAPA AutoCare repair facilities in the U.S. which offer the automotive servicing and repair services.

Although NAPA Autoparts stores do not exist exclusively in the United States, NAPA Autoparts stores outside the United States most frequently are run by NAPA Auto Parts of Canada, and by its wholly owned subsidiaries, UAP Mexico and UAP, UAP of Latin America.

The history of the brand

Carlyle Fraser (Chief Executive Officer) is one of the founders of the National Car Parts Association . (NAPA)

In the 20's, people all over America fall in love with cars. More and more automobiles started driving the highways, which was a significant contributor to a rise in the need for a supply chain capable of keeping up with the need to keep our cars going. NAPA was created to meet those needs, and has been serving them in a major way ever since.

Fearing being overlooked, Fraser Founds True Parts Business after purchasing a used car from a son who passed away.

Established in Atlanta, Georgia, True Parts Company has become the massive car parts store that it is today. The firm had six employees and it had $40,000 in funding before the investor purchased it. Genuine, from the outset, sought to market a product they knew would defeat the competition for a limited period of time. In addition to the market access issue, the Fraser firm also touched base with NAPA, the partnership devised by Fraser. NAPA began to set expectations and market parts to jobbers.

GPC (Global Public Company) goes public.

When the Latest Offer was launched, business revenues trended along at about $3.4 million. In the year of its 20th anniversary, the firm produced a period when it sold $20 million on the market. the same year the public became aware of the business in question by offering 150,000 shares of common stock at $11 each

The First NAPA Brand Pieces were launched.

By the late 1960s, Genuine was a national manufacturing and retailing supplier, providing 2,500 local retail stores. It also owned 33 of the 55 NAPA distribution centers, which then operated 4,000 independent retailers serving companies throughout the region. NAPA was created in 1966 after having been formed as an OEM vendor dealer for General Motors Corporation (General Motors or GM).

GPC extends it's business into Canada by acquiring a license of a Canadian car parts dealer.

Since 1972, the organization has extended its activities beyond the United States. Through these expansions, the company has gained a number of branches which it has merged into the Genuine Group's business model. Mr. Corbett served several various stores, for many years.

The GPC has diversified through the acquisition of SP. This is Richards.

The automotive industry was increasingly getting more modern and more costly because of technical advancements of manufacturing and tighter air emission laws. Since going up to the Fortune 500 in 1975, Genuine bought up a bulk office supply company, S.P. Richard & Co.

The company extends into one of the markets with the addition of another business.

Created in 1976 under the alias "Wilton Looney" by CEO Wilton Looney, GPC today sells more "industrial" components than ever before, including the purchase of Motion Industries, Inc. Looney claimed that factory parts would be recession-proof in the same manner that car parts were: during recessions industrial companies would purchase spare parts for existing machines rather than buying new equipment.

GPC Incorporated acquires Dallas-based General Automobile Parts Corp.

Genuine acquired a corporation that formerly was General Automobile Parts Corp. of Dallas in a stock exchange estimated at around $250 million. General Auto was a majority collection firm in 12 states in the southwest, north, and central parts of the United States.

UAP Inc. and EIS, Inc. have formed a relationship. Acquired

Genuine entered a new, and potentially a higher development, line of operation with the July 1998 purchase of EIS, Inc., a distributor of electrical and electronic components, in a transaction estimated at around $180 million. Genuine invested over $230 million to get the 80 percent of UAP Inc. (formerly and now widely known as Ultimate Advance Products) that it does not own.

Johnson Industries, Inc (JTI Industires) It is passed over.

In January of 1999, after GPC just acquired another Atlanta based auto parts company GPC further extended their auto parts group by acquiring yet another Atlanta-based firm, Johnson Industries. The Johnson Automotive Group of Companies (Johnson Automotive Group) is a $120 million VIN provider to large car fleets, including Federal Express.

GP-C acquired PAC South Asia.

How about the acquisition of the Exego group which consist of Ashdown-Ingram, Mcleod-Accessories and Motospecs by GPC Asia Pacific in 2011?

Enters the Limelight with Partnership Party and Inenco Corporation.

Alliance Automotive Group, through subsidiary company GPC, has expanded its presence across the Atlantic across to Europe. With Inco and GPC and Motion Businesses, they have significantly strengthened their presence in Australia.

Merging the EIS into Motion Industries.

EIS Inc., a distributor of electrical/industrial goods, has been running the business separately from True Parts Company as separate from Motion Industries the group, the company that sold a majority stake to GPC in 2005. Note that these figures are in thousands of sales, not percentages. Today, the two sister corporations have becoming one. The Electrical Industries Group (EIS) became a member of Motion Industries.

Business directions

NAPA carries over 500,000 products, including automobile spare components, paint and refinishing materials, automotive accessories, agricultural and marine supplies, machinery and equipment, and heavy duty parts. Napa Auto Parts also runs a parts repackaging business known as Balkamp.

NAPA is an official sponsor of NASCAR, and has sponsors a variety of events and races during the year. NAPA also sponsors the No. 9 Chevy Camaro in the NASCAR Cup Series, and is powered by the Hendrick Motorsports Team, Kyle Larson.

In February of 2020, it was announced that NAPA and Hendrick Motorsports would stick with their sponsorship deal through the 2022 Cup Series season. NAPA will be the major sponsor of Chase Elliott's no. 9 biscuit in 26 races during the season.

NAPA (National Car Parts Association) is a supporter of the Braves, Falcons, Unified, and the Mexico National Football Team. NAPA is also a sponsor of a Play of the game on SEC on CBS Broadcast. ArenaBowl XXIII also supported by their organization.

Typical Hours of Operation

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Locations: 4815 locations in 51 states and 3467 cities.


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