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What the company is doing

The parent of the New York State-chartered bank – New York Community Bank (located in Westbury, N.Y.) is New York Community Bancorp, Inc. The Group's assets were $54.9 billion, $31.7 billion in repositories, and $6.7 billion in equity as of September 30, 2020.

A division structure is accepted for the New York Community Bank subsidiary. The New York Community Bank serves customers through 236 branches, including eight business areas: the Queens County Savings Bank, Roslyn Savings Bank, Richmond

County Savings Bank, Roosevelt Savings Bank, and Atlantic Bank are based in New York. New Jersey boasts Garden State Community Bank, Ohio has Ohio Savings Bank, and Florida and Arizona place AmTrust Bank.

The history of the brand

The Queens County Saving Bank was first chartered in the New York City Borough of Queens on April 14, 1859. It had the State of New York as a holder, incorporated on July 20, 1993, as Queens County Bancorp, Inc. Subsequently, on November 23, 1993, the bank's transition to stock type took place.

The bank changed its name to New York Community Bancorp, Inc. on November 21, 2000, expecting its growth outside of New York Community Bancorp's current market. New York community bank now has branches in NY, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona. Since then, the bank has realized nine mergers and two transactions supervised by FDIC.

Business directions

New York Community Bancorp, Inc. is one of the leading multi-families portfolio loan producers in New York City, with a focus on non-luxury, low-market rental buildings. At the end of September, a total of $32.1 billion in our multifamily loan portfolio accounted for 75 percent of our total investment loan holdings.

The New York Community Bancorp provides numerous financial products and services for individuals and companies and operates its branches with 24-hours ATM Banking at 232 locations and 206 branches at least six days a week. The Bancorp Group offers a wide variety of financial services and products. Customers now have online banking, mobile banking, and telephone banking 24-hour access to their accounts.

Mission and vision

The bank's goal is to succeed in everything they do with everything they serve:

Give customers convenient access to their entire portfolio of goods and services and the outstanding service quality that they demand and deserve.

Improve the standard of living in our neighborhoods by supporting important organizations to support affordable housing, education, public health, research, social responsibility, and the arts to devote time, expertise, and funding to the community.

Offer workers the possibility to develop professionally, succeed in their jobs, and achieve their objectives. Also, associates are welcomed to achieve the respected and rewarded business and the banks' objectives.

Shareholders – generate a solid return on the shareholders' investment by generating strong financial results, maintaining a strong capital position and implementing corporate strategies to increase their share value.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 9:00 - 16:00
Tu 9:00 - 16:00
We 9:00 - 16:00
Th 9:00 - 16:00
Fr 9:00 - 19:00
Sa 9:00 - 13:00
Su Closed

Locations: 144 locations in 15 states and 84 cities.


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