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Pacsun is a lifestyle and youth culture-oriented clothing retailer based in Anaheim, California. It sells lifestyle footwear, apparel, and accessories designed to appeal to young adults and teens. Currently, it has over 400 stores located in all 50 states of America and Puerto Rico. The store is dedicated to providing the best collections based on the most relevant styles and brands. 

History of the Brand

PacSun traces its roots to 1980 when Tom Moore opened his first shop to cater to surfers. The next year, he and his partners decided to open a second store in a mall. This move proved to be successful. PacSun was able to generate over $1 million in 1982. The success of this store brought about the establishment of ten other stores all situated in malls and in proximity to the coast. By 1988, PacSun had 21 stores that generated up to $18 million in annual sales. 

Earlier on, the store focused primarily on selling products from reputable surf brands, skate, and streetwear labels. It went public in 1993 with over 1,300 stores. Some of them were later closed in the following years due to surmounting losses. However, the fortune changed and the company was on a continuous growth pattern again. In 2004, it doubled its earnings and recorded $245 million in revenue. 

By 2008, it had bought 20 companies with combined revenue of more than $10 million. However sales declined again in the following years and in 2016, PacSun filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Together with Golden Gate Capital, it got into a debt-for-equity restructuring agreement that saw it change to a privately owned company. PacSub merged with Eddie Bauer in 2018 to form PSEB. 

Business Directions 

PacSun sells a wide variety of clothing products for both men and women. These include tees, jeans, polos, tanks, flannels, knits, board shorts, hoodies, shorts, bikinis, dresses, pants, skirts, rompers, jackets, sweaters, shoes, snow apparel, accessories and sandals.  

In 2000, PacSun opened another chain of stores that were dubbed d.e.m.o. These were all closed in 2008 following a review of the company’s strategic direction. More than 150 stores were closed together with the discontinuation of the store’s footwear chain called One Thousand Steps. 

Key Facts

The first national campaign to be launched by PacSun took place in May 2011. The campaign was called ‘Dress Irresponsibly’ and was featured famous athletes from different brands. The focus of the campaign was to re-establish PacSun’s brand with its male audience. Elements of the campaign included television commercials, digital engagements on Facebook, and print media in both fashion and endemic publications. 


Why is PacSun so expensive? 

PacSun prices its clothes a bit higher than other stores because it provides better quality clothing. Clothes bought from PacSun stores are known to last forever. 

Are PacSun jeans good quality? 

PacSun offers comfortable and durable jeans that are reasonably priced. They are also stylish and can be easily won both during the day and at night. 

Does PacSun still sell Bullhead jeans? 

PacSun sells Bullfead Denim under the label Pacsun demin. Jeans sold are still of the same quality and style. 

Locations: 174 locations in 38 states and 164 cities.


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