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Papa Murphy's Holding Inc. is the biggest US fast-food franchise and operative of the Take N Bake pizza chain. It offers fresh hand-crafted pizzas that are available for customers to cook at home. Founded in 1981, the company currently operates more than 1,500 corporate-owned and franchised pizza stores in 38 American states, Canada, and the UAE. The main concept of Papa Murphy's is to draw families together by offering convenient, fun, and fulfilling dinners for the family. Other than pizzas, the company also offers grab-n-go items like sides, salads, and desserts.


Papa Murphy's started as a take-and-bake pizza retailer. Murphy's Pizza commenced in California in 1984 by Robert Graham, while Papa Aldo's Pizza was founded in Oregon in 1981. Graham was conscious that the house ovens could not cook the pizza dough correctly, so he aimed his efforts to creating a pizza dough that could be properly cooked in a home oven. Things didn't go very well for Graham in the early years until he met Terry Collins, who has experience working in Burger Chef and Pepsico.

In 1990 Collins bought 65 of the Papa Aldo's properties, but unlike Murphy's Pizza, Papa Aldo's had exceptional administration still lacking profitability as it relied on frozen components. Murphy's Pizza merged with Papa Aldo's in 1995 to create Papa Murphy's Inc., which saw an instrumental increase in sales for the brand. The chain got sold out to Lee Equity Partners in 2010, and the sales grew to $800 from 1,350 outlets. Later in 2014, Papa Murphy’s was added to Nasdaq that helped them to raise $64 million in shares.

Business Directions

Papa Murphy's is enjoying steady and consistent growth and goes for those multi-unit operators who prefer to have restaurant ownership. Still, they don't want to get involved in any complexity and stress of restaurant operations. As a brand, Papa Murphy's has plans to open various new stores and has set a target of initiating approximately six to eight percent of fresh stores each year.

Their code of success is quite simple because, as a brand, they have positioned themselves as the primary non-restaurant/restaurant business possibility. As there is no baking and freezers needed in the stores, the initial investment for the franchisees is much lower than the traditional concepts of a restaurant. Low labor and overhead costs allow Papa Murphy's to provide its fresh-made outputs at more economical prices than the contestants.

Final Words

Right from the Papa Aldo's and Murphy's Pizza merger in 1995, Papa Murphy's became a completely different brand. They grew to around 1,300 other locations across the US and abroad, offering a healthy and tasty alternative to the frozen-bought pizza which is free from any additives. Because of this, the iconic brand has been able to earn millions of loyal customers, as they were able to have fresh-to-order pizza and time to sit together as a family and experience a true pizza taste together.


Does Papa Murphy’s offer a senior discount?

Papa Murphy’s does offer a senior discount, and they get discounted in pricing and can take advantage of promotions also.

Is it possible to freeze Papa Murphy's unbaked pizza?

Yes, you can freeze the unbaked pizza, whether a whole or just a portion, but it is better to wrap it in plastic and then use a heavy file before freezing it.

What is the topping cheese of Papa Murphy’s?

Papa Murphy’s offers a freshly in-house grated topping cheese that has cheddar and smoked provolone cheeses which are great to top off the pizzas.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 1:00 - 20:00
Tu 1:00 - 20:00
We 1:00 - 20:00
Th 1:00 - 20:00
Fr 1:00 - 20:00
Sa 1:00 - 20:00
Su 1:00 - 20:00

Locations: 1288 locations in 49 states and 864 cities.


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