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For all drivers, their vehicles must work well. That’s why the cars need good maintenance. After maintenance, we mean everything, starting with tires and everything under the hood. Who can give our cars the best that’s even possible? We have one answer – it’s Quick Lane, a well-known line of auto services that provide our vehicles everything they need and more.

In the automobile service industry, Quick Lane is a rather new company. It was established in the second half of the 1990s by the worldwide famous auto manufacturer Ford. The business was very successful, and in less than ten years, there were 80 different locations. Soon Quick Lane started to expand beyond the United States and became the famous worldwide auto service brand. Today, the company operates over 1000 locations in various parts of our big world. In the United States, there are over 600 locations.

Now, let’s see in detail what services Quick Lane can provide for us. The first important service is tire maintenance. As any driver knows, tires affect the vehicle’s productivity. That’s we need our tires to be in the best condition. Every Quick Lane location offers a service of tires inspection that highly professional service technician provides. They know every detail about the tires, that’s why you do not have to worry at all.

If you need to buy new tires, Quick Lane will gladly help you with that. The shop offers a vast tires’ variety of recognized famous brands like BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, and others. In total, Quick Lane tires’ portfolio includes sixteen brands.

As for the tires, Quick Lane also provides such services as tire rotation, installation of new tires, mounting, and balancing.

The other service that Quick Lane offers is oil changing. Thanks to the regular oil changing, you can maintain the great state of your vehicle for a long time. For this purpose, Quick Lane uses only the best and the high-quality oils and filters made especially for your car. The oil changing service includes three options – change of filter and oil, installing the package of work fuel saver, and vehicle-specific scheduled maintenance. No matter what you choose, be sure that Quick Lane will do it professionally, and you’ll get the maximum possible from it.

Tires and oil are not all the things that you should pay attention to. The key thing in your car is brakes, as they’re responsible for your safety. Thanks to them, you can stop your vehicle, but it cannot signify that they work correctly. And here, brakes’ maintenance plays a key role. In Quick Lane, the technicians do all their best to provide your safety.

All mentioned above services are far from all that Quick Lane locations can offer you. Their other services include maintenance of air conditioning system, wheel alignment, steering and suspension, hoses and belts, providing battery tests, checking lamps and bulbs, cooling system maintenance, etc. So, it does not matter what car service you need. Quick Lane will serve you the best way that’s ever possible.

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Locations: 384 locations in 48 states and 355 cities.


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