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Ramada comes from a Spanish word meaning “branch”. This multinational hotel chain is owned by the Wyndham brand.


The founder of Ramadan is Marion W. Isbell and Michael Robinson from Texas who made the initial investment. Marion saw an opportunity of the need for hotels operating on roadsides when on a trip. He saw the need of having lodgings and hotels with basic amenities such as pools, beds, as well as food catering.

Ramada has been in operation since 1954, serving travelers around the globe. It is one of the most reputable hotel brands around the world, with over 800 top-class hotels in more than 60 countries. It serves most hotels in the airports wherever there is the Wyndham brand.

Ramada’s first hotel was opened in Arizona with 60 rooms. The company still has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

What It Offers

Ramada hotels offer an enjoyable stay no matter where is the location. In many of the chain’s hotels, you feel comfortable whether you are there on a wedding, family vacation, or on a conference. You will be able to access their high-speed internet connection, their warm welcoming workers.

Working Hours and Services Offered.

Ramadan offers 24-hour front desk services as well as 24-hour room service so that your stay can be relaxing and enjoyable. Apart from that, there is free parking for customers.

Whether you are there on a business trip or family vacation, you can always hit the gym that has all the equipment. If you are not feeling able to lift some weights, well you can always take a dive in a clean and maintained swimming pool.

Ramada Locations

You can find Ramada hotels and inns in any part of the world. Some of the locations can have variations of the brand name in order to adapt to the local culture and language. For example:

Ramada Odivelas in Portugal

Cerro Ramada and Ramada Norte in Argentina

In Brazil, there is Nova Ramada in the Rio Grande do Sul state as well as the Ramada Neighborhood.

The total number of hotel locations is 811, according to the latest numbers on the company website.

Key Facts

Ramada is one of the most popular and reputable hotel chains since it shows its diversity to its visitors. Every hotel in its location tries its best to have local artifacts in the hotel. They offer local foods and design the staff uniform to look locally made. Ramada shows its loyalty to its customers enrolled in the loyalty program by offering a free night in one of their 25000 hotels worldwide.


How do I make reservations?

First of all, you can’t make a reservation without a credit card. When you have completed the reservation process, you will receive a confirmation message on your browser page. Here you will see all your details including your pin for login. 


Ramada is an extensive American global hotel chain owned and operated by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts group. Under the leadership of CEO Paul Hanley, the chain continues its commitment to the highest standards of customer service and hospitality.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo Open 24 hours
Tu Open 24 hours
We Open 24 hours
Th Open 24 hours
Fr Open 24 hours
Sa Open 24 hours
Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 367 locations in 48 states and 316 cities.


  • Hotels
  • Banquet Halls & Reception Facilities


  • accepts credit cards

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