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In the area that extends from Delaware to Georgia and westwards to the Mississippi Valley, Rose's Stores, Inc. operates a chain of more than 100 discount stores. There is a wide range of general merchandise items, including clothes, shoes, home furniture, small appliances, toiletries, cosmetics, sporting goods, car parts, food, garden and garden products, electronics and sometimes furniture, in the 24.000- to 76.000-foot shops, which mainly serve people less than 50.000 people.

The company has been restructured several times since it opening in 1915 as the '5, 10, and 15 cent store,' adapting itself to a dynamic market increasingly. Rose grew into one of the nation's most rapidly expanding store companies in the 1960's and early 1970's and was listed among the top 10 in sales over the 1960's. But in the mid-1970s and after a flight of new competitions, two of his biggest rivals, Kmart and Wal-Mart, which now control nearly one-sixth of the $600 billion industry, hit the company in the middle of the 1980s from the top 100 and finally led to Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 1993.

But the company successfully emerged from bankruptcy in April 1995, after one of its most strong years in decades by redefining itself as a discount merchant, downsizing operations and adjusting its marketing strategy primarily to its lower-income consumers.

In 1915 Paul Howard Rose founded Rose's Stores, Inc. in Henderson, North Carolina. Being a merchant from the young ages, in June 1915 Rose in the wake of the breakup of the partnership in Henderson and Charlotte, took over the shop. The chain was first extended in nearby Oxford, then in Roxboro, Louisburg and Roanoke Rapids in the Rosemary section.

In 1920 Rose and other family members started expanding into a wider region with these five companies proving to be profitable, first to South Carolinas (Store No. 6, Mullins) and Virginia (Store No. 7, Franklin). The extension from Westward to Lenoir (Store No. 8), Statesville (Store No. 9) and other locations started through North Carolina. There were about 30 stores when the chain was incorporated in 1927. Further extension in Tennessee (Newport, No. 44, 1929) and Georgia (Dawson, No. 74, 1935) is now at the heart of Roses' market field.

Most enterprises were in small towns, but in 1938, in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, which had become its dominant urban market, the enterprise started to open outlets. After the war, Roses' first real shopping mall opened in the Wards Corner Midtown Center in Norfolk. Roses successfully located the shopping center and soon opened stores in its marketing area in newly built centers. Roses started replacing smaller businesses by these massive shopping malls from this point onwards until the 1990s. These shopping malls, which had been a part of most of the older city shops with cafes, upgraded lunch counters.

In the early 1980s, Wal-first Mart's movement into the area seriously decreased Roses' market share and profitability in its larger shop size. In 1993, Roses applied and emerged for bankruptcy by May 1995. In 1997, Roses was bought by Variety Grosshändler and was opened in Fuquay-Varina in 1932, in Angier, North Carolina, at the Pope's five and ten-center shops. When Variety completed the purchase, 106 Roses shops were in service. Variety rapidly gained profitability in the Roses stores and soon a program of expansion began, doubling the number of stores.

Roses make everything you like and want more available. Their consumers must not constantly limit clearance sales or discounts by always selling products at low rates. They understand you work hard for your money and they've worked hard to develop the credibility as a small, no-frill, premium marketplace, brand names for you, family and home. Roses know and believe that in one convenient location you want and deserve a place to find anything you need.

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Locations: 148 locations in 30 states and 130 cities.


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