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We know that you’ll agree with us that everybody tends to luxury. And it can reflect in anything – cloth, jewelry, accessories, various gadgets, home décor, and other stuff. In the United States, you can find a great range of such luxury stores. But we know one where you can find a true luxury treasure. It’s Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saks Fifth Avenue HIstory

Every business starts from a dream. This phrase is definitely suitable when describing the Saks Fifth Avenue story. Everything started at the very beginning of the 20th century in New York. Two American businessmen, Bernard Gimbel and Horace Saks operated their own retail shops. Both of them had one dream – to open a cloth store that would have an equal sign along with a stylish and elegant way of life. Together they joined forces, bought a site in New York, and in 1924 opened the door of their dream – the first Saks Fifth Avenue location.

Very quickly, Saks Fifth Avenue gained popularity among high-class customers. It became the first specialized shop that spread its activity across the United States thanks to the top cloth and exclusive clients’ service. Saks Fifth Avenue could build a strong line of over 40 unique physical shops located across North America.

What can you buy?

Now, let’s see in detail what luxury goods we can buy in Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Here, you will find everything the contemporary woman needs – exclusive collections of dresses, skirts, and jeans, a line of seasonal cloth (for example, autumn dresses, coats, and cardigans), various kinds of outwear, shoes, accessories, and many others. Besides, in Saks Fifth Avenue, you can find cloth, shoes, and accessories of different styles you need (cloth for work, evening events, or cloth of casual style). As for sizes, the store offers you a wide assortment of cloth and footwear sizes (from the small to the extended sizes).

In addition to this, Saks Fifth Avenue has a special section of beauty products for your eyes, face, and hair.

If you have kids, Saks Fifth Avenue also has something for you to offer. Here, at your disposal, you can find cloth, shoes, books, toys for children of all ages.

In Saks Fifth Avenue the brand line is rich – it consists of exclusive, well-recognized luxury brands. Here, you find something from Chanel, Valentino, Burberry, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and many other brands.

Besides cloth, footwear, handbags, and other accessories, Saks Fifth Avenue stores also have a great collection of home décor. It does not matter where you’ll have a décor item from Saks Fifth Avenue, it will bring to your home a note of elegance and luxury. 

Loyalty Program

For all its clients, Saks Fifth Avenue offers a special loyalty program named SaksFirst. This program has the following benefits – invitations to exclusive fashion and beauty events, early access to sales, in-home sessions of styling, free delivery, and many others. All program benefits depend on your membership status – premier, elite, platinum, and diamond. To become a member of the SaksFirst program, you need to pay a fee.

Locations: 110 locations in 31 states and 94 cities.


Specialties: Radiators, Batteries, Fuel Injectors, Air Conditioning, A C, Transmissions, Cooling, Antifreeze

Services: Oil Change


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