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Since its inception in the 1970s, Sephora has grown to become a highly successful cosmetic stores chain. The business has shop fronts in almost all countries around the world. Today, Sephora is a brand that is associated with elegance, style, beauty, and fun.  

Sephora is a leader when it comes to the latest trends and with its unique shopping experience, clients across the globe can expect an unparalleled variety among the premium brand cosmetics and perfumes. Sephora is continuously growing and is making cosmetic fanatics everywhere delight. 


 Sephora was established in August 1970 in Paris, France. In 1993, the company was purchased by Dominique Mandonnaud who merged the brand with his perfume chain to form the Sephora brand. Mandonnaud recognized for designing and executing the "assisted self-service". This unique sales experience is what separated the brand from customary retail models in the cosmetics industry by encouraging buyers to test products in the retail store locations before making a purchase. 

Sephora then launched its own branded products in 1995 and this included body and bath products. Moet Hennessey and Louis Vuitton acquired the cosmetic stores chain in 1997. Dominique Mandonnaud retired at this time after his 50th birthday. 

Since 1997, Sephora brand has grown and penetrated into 30 countries around the world. By 1998, the company had a presence in Spain, Poland, Portugal, and Italy. In 1999, the Sephora brand opened its first store in New York, USA. The brand now has more than 250 stand-alone stores across the country mainly found in big shopping malls. 

Business Directions

By April 2020, Sephora had a presence in 35 countries around the world and has more than 2,600 store locations. The company also employs over 39,000 employees and their stores have 250 brands and more than 78,000 cosmetic and beauty products. The company provides a large selection of on-trend products and innovative concepts. Between 2011 and 2020, the company opened 1,000 more stores and expanded into 12 more countries. 

Key Points

One of the secrets to the success of the Sephora brand is the in-store sampling concept that began at the time of inception of the cosmetic stores chain and its key to the continued success and growth of the company.

Sephora also carries a wide range of product lines in its store locations. Consumers can find everything they want from high-end brands of hair care, skin care, makeup, and more to Sephora’s own product line. There is a plethora of great products, colors, and textures.

Sephora is always looking for breakthrough innovations to enhance your beauty in everyday life.  Whether you are looking for skincare, bath, accessories, and makeup, Sephora has a wide range of products and brands to suit your needs. You can create the look that you want and change it whenever necessary. 


For over three decades, Sephora has developed tremendously over the years. The company has a presence in different countries and have made a brand and a name for itself. Over the years, the cosmetic industry continues to grow and Sephora will definitely grow and expand along with it. You can expect superior quality and effective cosmetic products that will deliver the results that you always desire. 


What does the Name Sephora Stand For?

The name Sephora is a combination of a Greek word Sephos that means beauty and the name Zipporah who was the remarkably beautiful wife of Moses in the book of Exodus. 

Why was the Sephora Brand Created?

Based on the company history, Sephora started from humble beginnings as a small perfumery in Limoges, France and it was known as Shop 8. Dominique Mandonnaud was passionate about providing a place for clients to try out cosmetic and beauty products before they make a purchase and this novel concept was unheard off at the time. It is this unique shopping experience that has supported the growth of the company since its inception. 

What makes Sephora unique?

Sephora understands that every customer needs a personalized and unique approach and they offer this through their in-store makeup demonstrations and swatch samplings. This allows buyers to test different brands to be confident they are procuring the best products. 

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 11:00 - 19:00
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Sa 11:00 - 19:00
Su 12:00 - 18:00

Locations: 496 locations in 48 states and 369 cities.


Parking: Lot


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