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Today there is a tendency to a healthy way of life. Now people more take care of their health, and here, sport plays a significant role. For doing sports, all of us need special cloth and footwear, equipment and other related stuff. And here, we need to find a reliable place where we can buy necessary sports products. The industry offers us many such places, and one of them is Sports Authority.

Sports Authority History

All big business starts from the strategy. We can apply this phrase to the Sports Authority as well. Its founder, Jack Smith, ex-general manager of Herman’s World of Sports, wanted to open a sports superstore. Previously he tried to do it, but there was always something wrong. Seeking support from other businessmen, in the second half of the 1980s, he opened doors to his first megastore titled “Sports Authority”.

Jack Smith’s creation experienced great growth, and in three years, it turned from one store into a 19-store organization. In the American sports area, Sports Authority takes one of the top places. It’s a famous, widely recognized, and extended line of sports shops. Today there are over 400 locations in various parts of the United States and Puerto Rico.

Sports Authority Assortment

Now, let’s make a deep research on the assortment in Sports Authority. Here, you can buy everything you need for any type of sport – fitness, golf, tennis, basketball, football, etc. Besides the high-quality equipment, Sports Authority also offers various kinds of sports cloth and footwear that will satisfy all your sports needs. In total, the stores have goods in over 1,000 categories.

As for the brands, Sports Authority’s assortment includes different kinds of famous brands that you can imagine – Adidas, Nike, Coleman, Timberland, Wilson, Salomon, and many others. Besides, in the stores, you can also find goods of the Sports Authority exclusive labels such as Slalom, Parkside Style (trampolines and active games), Ram (golf goods), Bloom, Bodyfit by Sports Authority (items for fitness), Alpine Design (seasonal cloth and products for active rest), etc. In total, Sports Authority offers items of over 700 various trademarks.

Loyalty Programs

To make doing sports more interesting, Sports Authority offers all its clients exciting loyalty programs. One of these is the League of Sports Authority. Its benefits include – getting one score for every dollar you spend on purchases, after earning 100 scores receiving 5% back on their total amount of scores, birthday gifts, invitations for various Sports Authority events, etc. Besides, for all new members, Sports Authority gives a special welcome reward - $5 only for registration.

Together with a famous company of sports equipment “Under Armour” it has launched a special mobile app titled “MapMyFitness” that allows all members of the Sports Authority League to do sports and earn rewards for it. To get rewards, for their sports activity, you need to complete the challenges the app offers. For example, if you pass ten miles a week or pass three training and log it in the MapMyFitness app, you can get a $500 gift card from Sports Authority.

Locations: 4 locations in 4 states and 4 cities.


Specialties: Marine, Heavy Duty, Exhaust Pipes, Interior Accessories, ATV, Exterior Accessories, Auto Parts, Recreational Vehicles, Farm & Agriculture, Hydraulic Hoses Fixing, Lawn & Garden


  • Sporting Goods
  • Sportswear
  • Camping Equipment
  • Archery Equipment & Supplies
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Exercise & Fitness Equipment
  • Golf Equipment & Supplies
  • Skiing Equipment
  • Ski Equipment & Snowboard Rentals
  • Bicycle Shops
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Bicycle Racks & Security Systems
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiard Equipment & Supplies
  • Airsoft Equipment & Supplies


  • accepts credit cards

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