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Tractor Supply Company or TSCO is a retail chain of stores that offer agriculture, home improvement, lawn, and garden maintenance, equine, pet care, and livestock products. As one of the largest rural lifestyle retailers in the US, the company is passionate and committed to serving its unique niche that targets ranchers, recreational farmers, and those enjoying the rural lifestyle. 

The company mainly focuses on exclusive brands, legendary customer service, and product localization.  With over 42,000 team members, Tractor Supply’s physical stores combined with its digital capabilities offer clients the convenience of buying a range of products they require anytime, anywhere at the low prices they deserve. 


Tractor Supply was inaugurated in 1938 by Charles E. Schmidt Sr. of Chicago, Illinois, as a mail order tractor parts business. Schmidt started his company from his kitchen table and recorded sales of over $50,000 in his first years. The first-ever Tractor Supply retail store was established in Minot, North Dakota in 1939. 

Other stores opened up as the Tractor Supply Company prospered tremendously under the guidance of Schmidt. In 1958 the founder took the business public and Tractor Supply Company shares began trading on the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange.

Today, the company has grown to be the leading rural lifestyle retail chain in the country. Tractor Supply Company has a nationwide scope and operates over 2,105 stores across the United States under the Tractor Supply Company, Petsense banners, and Del's Feed & Farm Supply. The company stores are mainly situated primarily in towns far from major metropolitan markets and in the rural communities to the unique needs of farmers, ranchers, and those who love the rural lifestyle. 

Business Directions

Tractor Supply Company has its head offices in Brentwood, Tennessee, U.S. The company has 1,923 store locations in 49 states. With over 80 years in the industry, the company has grown to become the largest operator of rural lifestyle retail stores in the US. Tractor Supply is committed to being one of the most dependable and reliable suppliers of basic maintenance products to land, pet, animal, and homeowners. 

Tractor Supply Company also owns and runs Petsense, a pet specialty supply retailer that is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of all pet owners. The company serves small and mid-sized communities and offers a wide range of pet products and services. By March 2021, the company has 177 Petsense stores across 23 states. 

Apart from the physical stores, the company also operates e-commerce websites at and

Key Points

Tractor Supply Company stocks products in six categories including hardware and tools, livestock and pet products, work clothing for men, women, and kids, maintenance products for rural and agricultural use, truck, trailer, and towing gear, and seasonal products like garden and lawn power equipment. 


Tractor Supply Company is a renowned rural retailer that caters to the unique needs of consumers leading a rural lifestyle, farmers, and ranchers. The company has grown tremendously for over 80 years of its history with almost 2000 store locations in 49 states. This is your one-stop-shop for all products that suit the needs of your rural lifestyle.  


What Can You Purchase at Tractor Supply Company?

At TSC, you can buy everything you want except tractors.  At Tractor Supply Company stores, consumers can get everything they need to maintain their homes, ranches, farms, and even animals. Some of their products include clothing, pet, and equine supplies, sprinkler and irrigation parts, power tools, fencing, riding mowers, welding and pump supplies, lawn and garden supplies, tractor and trailer spare parts, and accessories. 

TSC is the inventor of the “do it yourself” trend, since they know their clientele can handle almost every chore on their own including building fences, repairing wells, constructing feed bins,. Welding gates together, building trailers for hauling, repairing trucks and tractors, and taking care of pets and livestock. 

Where are the Tractor Supply Company Stores Situated?

Tractor Supply Company stores are situated mainly in towns outlying the major metropolitan markets and in the rural communities. The customary Tractor Supply store features about 15,500 square feet of space inside and a similar amount outside.  TSC stores are 1,994 in 49 states and 177 Petsense stores across 23 states.

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 8:00 - 18:00
Tu 8:00 - 18:00
We 8:00 - 18:00
Th 8:00 - 18:00
Fr 8:00 - 18:00
Sa 8:00 - 18:00
Su 9:00 - 18:00

Locations: 1649 locations in 50 states and 1362 cities.


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