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What is Valero? Valero is the biggest independent oil refiner in the world. It's the top producer of low-carbon renewable fuels in the USA. It's the second world maker of corn ethanol, a clean-burning and renewable fuel of high octane. We can continue to name its other pros, but you can be definitely sure of one thing – Valero is the best on the market.

The company's vision is very clear - as the world needs accessible and dependable energy, Valero's team pushes on the energy's future through modernization, creativity, and unmatched execution. Valero follows the next principles to reach this vision - protection, surroundings, governance, communities, and workers.

The story of the biggest refiner of oil started on the very first day of 1980. Firstly, it was a natural gas pipeline named after a mission of San Antonio de Valero. But it's not the only mission - the company tended to become a broad-based company of energy. And it became. Today Valero produces over 3 million barrels per day, refining ordinary and superior gasoline, diesel, diesel of low cost, ultra-low-sulfur diesel, etc. It runs 15 refineries located in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom with a throughput capacity of around 3.2 million barrels every day. The company operates 14 ethanol plants, which produce 1.73 billion gallons every year. It provides about 7,000 free-owned fuel outlets that carry its brand-family in Canada, the US, United Kingdom, Ireland. Also, the company supports the rack and bulk markets of Peru and mentioned above countries.

Valero works in three main segments - refining, ethanol, and renewable diesel. Refining is the most profitable for the company - it accounts for around 95% of all sales. Valero makes such products as gasoline, blendstock, distillates, etc. The segment of ethanol includes ethanol of its own production and distillers grains. The segment of renewable diesel speaks for itself - the main product is renewable diesel. It's the newest reportable segment for Valero – the company started to work with it only in 2019. These two sectors account for 5% of all Valero's sales combined. 

And it's not everything that Valero works on. The company has ambitious projects for the nearest future – a plant of alkylation in Houston and St Charles, an installation of pipelines and terminals in the central part of Texas, a cogeneration plant in Pembroke, Great Britain, production of renewable diesel at the Diamond Green Diesel plant.

 Who are Valero's customers? If we speak about refined products from terminal truck racks, the main buyers are dealers, traders, sellers, and final consumers with truck shipping in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Latin America. If we speak about purchasing ethanol, here the principal Valero's clients are refiners and gasoline blenders who buy the products through either term and spot contracts or bulk markets in New York, Chicago, the US Gulf Coast, Florida, and the US West Coast.

The company also gives you the possibility to make purchases online. Valero operates 5,200 websites in America, about 900 websites in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and around 800 online platforms in Canada.

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Locations: 3405 locations in 48 states and 1468 cities.


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