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Verizon is a famous operator of telecommunication services in the USA. The organization is dedicated to providing services of communication, information exchange, and entertainment for different types of customers (people, business and state institutions). The Verizon services include postpaid and prepaid calling plans, access to the Internet through different gadgets, sales of such equipment as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. By the end of 2020, there were 27 million Verizon wireless postpaid and more than 400 thousand broadband connections.

 Verizon appeared in the segment of telecommunication in 2000 as a result of uniting Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corporation. The uniting of these two companies is considered one of the biggest mergers in American business history. The growth of the organization was very rapid – it turned into one of the biggest telecommunication providers serving over 60 million phone lines in 40 American states. The company's name, Verizon, is a combination of the word "horizon" and Latin one ", Veritas", which means "the truth".

The organization works in two primary fields - Verizon Consumer Group and Verizon Business Group. The main focus of the first field is shown in its name – it's a customer-focus segment. This field provides the services of wireless and wireline communication. The first type of service is delivered through wireless webs under the Verizon trademark, and it covers all American territory. The second type of services is provided through the fiber-optic web under Fios' brand and the copper web. It is available only for nine American states in the Northeastern part and Middle Atlantic. This field brings the most significant amount of Verizon's revenue – it accounts for 70% of total sales.

The Verizon Business Group's services include – wireless and wireline communication, providing video and data, voice services for local and long-distance areas, protection and web managing, solutions for corporate webbing, etc. This field makes up 25% of total Verizon sales.

The rest of the sales belong to corporate and other services (different types of businesses, investments, etc.).

Verizon is a company that works on future technologies. Here the 5G development takes a special place. Verizon created its technology name 5G Ultra Wideband. Its awesome features allow playing games on the go, communicating in HD format, streaming 4K video, and much more. Today it's accessible only for several American cities. To know what these cities are, you have to enter the Verizon website and take a look.

Providing communication services is not the only thing that Verizon is dedicated to. The organization also does charity work. Every year the Verizon Foundation gives money to the organizations that work with domestic violence victims, deal with problems of education and energy management. The company hosts contests of creating the concepts of mobile apps among the children and cares about the teachers' professional growth in neglected regions. Verizon also takes care of the victims of domestic violence – it has a special project that helps them start the business. As for energy management, Verizon invests money in solar power. It will make Verizon one of the top communication organizations that produce solar energy.  

Locations: 5447 locations in 51 states and 2918 cities.


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