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After CVS Health, Walgreens is the second-largest medicine line in the USA. For 2019, the company runs 9,277 independent stores in all American states, with the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico locations. The pharmacy organization is specialized in filling prescriptions, items for health and wellness, giving health information, and photo services. The great part of Walgreens shops suggests drive-through pharmacies, and many of them have in-store health clinics. It is a part and top trademark of Walgreens Boots Alliance (a seller of pharmacy products that operates over 18,750 locations in a dozen countries worldwide).

It’s rather hard to speak about Walgreens without mentioning its founder, a Chicago pharmacist Charles R. Walgreen. He lent money from his father as the first payment to open a drugstore. In 1909 he sold half of his first shop and bought a second one. There he placed a fountain of large soda and started to serve lunch. In 1916 seven Walgreen locations were united under the Walgreen Co. name. By the 1920s, there were 20 locations in Chicago that accounted for $1.55 million in sales.

The Walgreens main activity focuses on the services of mail and specialty pharmacies along with in-store clinics and other various healthcare services. The company works on expanding its services. Very soon, its clinical services will include:

  • Outreach of diabetes: the Walgreen medicals will suggest consultations to patients with diabetes for planning medical treatment. Also, they will give pieces of advice about screening and immunization.
  • Outreach and education of pediatric asthma: Pediatric asthma is common for Chicago in particular; that’s why Walgreens introduces the services of conducting outreach to parents who have kids with asthma for teaching them how to use medicines correctly.
  • Clinics of flu: Walgreen will offer to its customers to make free flu shots in its clinics.
  • Screening of health: The company supports the First Ladies Health Initiative that cooperates with heads of churches and wives of pastors to provide them with health screening and immunizations at no cost.
  • Available reach to medications: Walgreen works on expanding its club of prescription savings to save on more than 8,000 drugs.

Like any pharmacy, Walgreen has its own reward programs for the customers. The main is myWalgreens, the brand new project of loyalty that substitutes the old Balance Rewards. MyWalgreens offers the customers to get Walgreens Cash on the purchases they make - 5% on products of Walgreens trademarks and 1% on all other buys with pharmacy remedies. Once you get $1 or more in Walgreens Cash, you can exchange it on the next purchase in-store or online. Among the extra options, the Walgreens program offers to receive reward for getting physical activity and goals of lifestyle through health challenges for four weeks. Also, through myWalgreen you can give your Walgreens Cash to charity organizations that continuously rotate.

MyWalgreens doesn’t require a physical card. To use your myWalgreen account in the shop, you have to scan your mobile app or give your phone number or e-mail.    

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo 6:00 - 24:00
Tu 6:00 - 24:00
We 6:00 - 24:00
Th 6:00 - 24:00
Fr 6:00 - 24:00
Sa 6:00 - 24:00
Su 6:00 - 24:00

Locations: 6094 locations in 50 states and 2551 cities.


  • Convenience Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Photo Finishing

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